Sunday, February 1, 2015

Days of Disasters: SQ 117 Hijack will be shown on Channel News Asia tonight @ 8 pm

On 25 March 1991, a Singapore Airlines plane has been hijacked. Four armed men are threatening to kill everyone on board. Key eye witnesses, from the trapped hostages to the negotiators at the frontline of this crisis tell the story of the most daring rescue operation in Singapore history.

Flight steward "Tobby" aka Ted who was working on that fateful flight has given an account of his side of the story here

You can also watch the documentary by clicking here  However, you will have to sign up first.


Anonymous said...

I came face to face with the cabin crew on this flight soon after the commandos stormed the aircraft, killed the hijackers and freed all paxs and crew. Our CC are truly the best that you can find anywhere. After such a gruelling ordeal, they all still looked so calm and peaceful. One of the FSs was trembling and asked for a cigarette as he struggled for words, picked up enough courage to pay compliments to his fellow colleagues in managing this horrifying crisis.

We must never forget for one fleeting moment of the enormous sacrifices that our colleagues have gone through in keeping our SIA flag flying. Praise must also go to our SAF troops for undertaking such a bold mission in bringing the crisis to an end.

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