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Saturday, February 14, 2015

From cradle to grave he never had a good word for the hand that fed him

Perhaps the phrase I've used as the title of this post is a little exaggerated. I mean it was from the time this guy joined the airline till the end. His last rank before retirement was inflight supervisor (ifs). He joined as a young flight steward (his first job after leaving school). From day one, he told us he hated his job and wanted to resign. But he did not. Let's call him Mean.
Mean stayed in the job for 35 years,enjoying the perks and getting the fat salary without sweating for the airline. In fact, he badmouthed his employer and influenced his crew to despise the airline.

The crew told me he would steal things like liquor, cutlery, plates etc from the aircraft. He was lucky not to be caught. If he is still working (in this era), the junior crew would most likely tip off security and had him apprehended.

But why did the airline promote him to the position of an ifs? Well in the old days, as long as one was not caught doing the wrong thing plus with the number of years put into service, one would automatically be promoted.

Even in his retirement years, he cursed and swear at his employer. Many of us do not understand why he was so bitter against the hand that fed him all those years.

There may be people like Mean around but the difference is they do not stay in their jobs for 35 long years.

One crew told me that Mean even used the four letter word on his aged mother  when she was slow in serving them their drinks.

Recently, Mean had a heart attack and died in a hospital.


Anonymous said...

one word his a "Hypocrite"

Anonymous said...

Mean might have been a psychopath or a schizo.

Anonymous said...

I knew of one called max who always talk bad about the coy even till these days. But max is still alive as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this MEAN likes to steal. One IFS passed away some years ago. He had migrated to Australia.