Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My take on junior,senior cc and cc management

After reading most of the comments left by the junior, not so junior and senior cabin crew concerning their approach and treatment of one another plus management's attitude towards them, I have this to say.

To the junior and not so junior cabin crew:

Don't complain that life is tough and the seniors and management aren't treating you decently. Not happy simply leave and look for other jobs. Complaining and bickering would make you more unhappy.

To the senior crew:

Shut up and do what you're paid to do. Don't take it on the juniors for they are not easily cowed like the juniors in the old days. Do not break company's  rules eg: upgrading your friends or another crew who are travelling as passengers or offer your hotel room for free to colleagues who are on holiday at the same nightstop stations or offload aircraft things etc etc.
If can't take the heat then leave the kitchen (resign) and go drive a cab or something.

To the cc management: 

As you can see from the numerous rantings, whining and complaining, the crew are obviously unhappy. Hope you could do something to help reverse the situation. Don't just care about your
KPI only. Take good care of the crew and your KPI will take care of you.
Make the work environment a happy place for all.

Oops before I forget here is my Chinese New Year wishes to all in cabin crew.....


Anonymous said...

TPT has been harbouring personal ambitions at becoming CEO. He was associated with converting the PCL cabin of a B747/400 into an airborn hospital for Mrs Lee for her trip back to SIN fom LHR. Earlier, she was rushed to a public hospital in LHR for cardiac pains and was told to wait for her turn.

SKW,did not waste time in revealing his ephemeral tendencies. He is the only SVP who had allowed himsesf to be used by certain persons in the union to clear the CCEs. This ambitious dark horse thought had had laid the foundation for realising his dream. KNS!

Past CEOs who earned their dues are LCB, George Chan and Chew Choon Seng.

Anonymous said...

This blog would not be complete without mentioning Michael Tan who retired from sevice as SEVP ( Commercial). He started out at the check - in counter handling paxs and cargo bags and worked his way up the corporate ladder. He is not a graduate.

Anonymous said...

Grumbler Lim, Hypocrite Frogged Eye, Bapok Teh, No Neck Sim, Black Botak, Lesby Chien & Shiok B are all dead dark with no more promtion. As CCEs & AMs take home pay is a miserable 7k but dont mind selling their souls to the coy.
Look at Cereal Tio, Botal John and the rest at most managers. They cant even become senior managers,why? No paper ma!
So relax dont kill yourselves or sell your mothers for that 7k. Look at Fat Kim he dont get promoted to AM aso nvm.

Anonymous said...

Lmao the names hahaha maintain uh hahaha

Anonymous said...

Some smart CCEs / AMs who left are Emi, Lambt, MSLow, KB. Even heard that Dr. Goh, TM is now lecturing at a university. More prestigious and fulfilling when you get to work with peers who are competent, engaging and sincere. The idiots mentioned by Anony 3 are rotting in the rut and walking in circles.

Anonymous said...

There used to be a former CCE who was a lawyer before. ChuaKA. He left many years ago. Heard that he was a Malaysian searching for chari makan. Another, AlvHeng also Malaysian now runs his own business and very comfy. Don't think any of these androids pacing STC have any more scope in life. They have gone backwards from Living to Existing.

Anonymous said...

Dont play, play... botak, froggie, shiok are all landlords ok?

Can actually leave and retire with rental income... but dunno why stay so long.. must be that enticing free ticket..

very yeow kwee no?

Anonymous said...

STC is not a place for anyone to spend his career. It is nothing more than a glorified warehouse. Intended as a transit point for trainees and promotees for flying duties, it was never meant to be a permanent job residency. This probably explainss why none of our SVPs have never become CEOs.

Of all SVPs, Chris was the most talented. He could have been a competent CEO. His last position was Director of Personnel.