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Friday, February 27, 2015

Off course there are good things about the current cabin crew management

Despite of my post on " Isn't there anything good about cabin crew  ?" in which I said that  I hope some kind soul will email me some positive things about cabin crew, more negative comments were posted.

If no one is going to say that cabin crew is a good place to work, I am now going to do it myself in this blog.

The first positive thing that came to my mind is that when a crew's wife is going to give birth, the crew would either have the choice to apply for leave or still go on his flight. Even then, if the wife's is hospitalised or in labour, the crew concerned will be given a free ticket to fly back as a passenger to attend to the wife. This is the current practice.

During my time, the granting of leave would depend on seniority. If you were a junior steward and your child was to be delivered during the peak seasons like June or December (school holidays plus Xmas etc) you would not be granted the leave. The company would also not give you a free ticket to fly home. You would have to stick to your roster. 
My 2 kids were delivered when I was night stopping overseas.

The second nice thing about the current management is that it will looked into complains lodge by junior crew against the senior crew. If the seniors are wrong, actions will be taken against them.

In the old days, the company would back the seniors no matter what they had done.

The current appraisal system is an opened one, meaning the crew would sight the report and comment on the appraisal if he/she isn't happy with it. He/she is given the freedom to appeal against the report.

During my time, the appraisal system was a closed one. The appraisees were not allowed to sight the report, let alone appeal.

We had to work much harder than the present crew. One example, we had to operate 5 sectors before night stopping in London (with a break in the Middle East). There was no 2 1/2 times IFA. In fact, the payment of the IFA came into effect much later.

The SVPs are more proactive and mingle with the crew at sports event, meetings etc. 

During my time, our SVPs were too busy to do that. One in particular was the "atas atas" type and would not even mixed with us.

Okay, I hope I have done my part by saying a few positive things about the current cabin crew management. It is your turn now........


Anonymous said...

The present svp seems the caring type but so far it is all talks but no action lah

Anonymous said...

hey BT are you paid to write good stuff about the current management? If nothing good don't flatter them. Sex C good meh? Lesbians good meh? Bapok & Botak good meh? Pui pui to them bloodsuckers!

Anonymous said...

Years ago, I was on the inaugural flight into MAN from AMS.

After landing, the station manager welcomed us and also asked for "some girls" to go down to the tarmac and grace a photo shoot with lion dances etc. ( supplied by the local Manchester Chinese Business association ).

There was a AoTc on board this flight too.

The request for "girls" was ad hoc. That means SQ PR people did not arrange with CC for stewardesses to be available for photo shoot to document the inaugural flight.

Or, ( more likely ) the management decided to utilise the "girls' from the operating set... after all, they are on the spot with make up and uniform... just get "volunteers".

Now, volunteers means no money either.

It was in early May. This is at a airport in a temperate country. The wind is cold and strong.

Can you imagine how you would feel wearing a sarong kebaya and sandals and trying to keep the sarong from flapping, exposing pearly white thighs in front of photographers?

I could see all this through the first class windows and so did the AoTc. I commented that the girls should wear their top coats.

The response from the AoTc was:

"Its ok, just for a few minutes... if they wear the coats, the picture will not show off our SQ girl uniforms."

Caring management on the spot?
What do you think?

If management has been caring, it is because there is a mandatory requirement under the law or there it is an agreed union-management term.

Simple decisions, common sense are not Cabin crew executive's attributes.
The default setting is to punish, sack, blemish, demote and demotivate.

That is why we do not hear many ex CCE making any headway elsewhere, let alone leaving the division at all. Most will rot within their own cubicles.

Boh Tong said...

Anonymous said...
"hey BT are you paid to write good stuff about the current management? If nothing good....."

BT: Am I paid? Ya wish I was paid haha..cos SIA is beli rich leh. Hello see the polls at the right hand sidebar cos 47% said I am anti-management and only 10% said I am seow si bo? or blind izzit? haha..idiotic comment.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous.."Years ago......" I truly agree with you ! Those years "some" of those Aotc behaves like Gods ! Self centred egoistic and champion for handling new & young stwdess. Looking back they know who they are.

CCE & not AOTC said...

Those who used the term "AOTC" are dinosaurs. It was used in the 1980s but by 1990s it was retitled as "CCE".
If don't have inkling of what is going on in cc, do not come here & expose your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Svp's today can only talk the talk but cant walk the walk. Even vermin can do a better job then them.
They are pitiful...

Anonymous said...

Just to highlight to some here that before AOTC they were called TCP (Training Check Stewards)