Monday, February 16, 2015

"SIA cabin crew is real sweet"

The cabin crew in the economy class found out that it was his birthday (pax) and served him and his wife cakes and champagne from the business class. This simple and warm gesture thrilled the couple.


Anonymous said...

Best airline on this planet is SIA!

Anonymous said...

Excellent initiative. Bring back the good old days when our CC always made it a point to remember the defining moments in the lives of our travellers.

Anonymous said...

There was a defining moment during one of my flights.

The pax claimed that she was related to LKY.. some niece ( in her 60s). She exited a toilet in EY and since I was within sight ( cleaning the other toilets ) she came up to me and said:

" You know, there is some shit in the toilet bowl "

Hmmmm, Hmmmmm, ... shit in toilet bowl... Hmmmmm???..

where else should it be?