Tuesday, February 10, 2015

These days flying isn't as how it was years ago...

Hi BT. Hope you can post this seperately. This is my humble thoughts so far on cc and its management. Maybe someone from mgmt reads this too. Hahaha!

Part 1:

These days flying isn't as how it was years ago. In many ways. Crew were much more fun back then. Yes probably we were scolded onboard harshly but the moment the doors are disarmed, good times await. Its funny back then when pilferage was so rampant, yet we made more money than we make now. Even cost cutting measures aren't helping us making close to what we use to make. They blame price of fuels etc etc. But in certain ways its karma's way of saying hello. Bcause back then we used to give so much to our pax. And we got more in return. So these days, we cut cost, we get less returns. Makes sense? Because if u continue to give, pax will always come back to u.
Its a shame really sometimes having to apologise to pax for certain things that are not available beCause of cost cutting measures.
Work is much tougher these days. Aircraft configurations are crap! 72J, 72R, jcl in 73r. These 3 so far are the most ridiculous aircraft types to work with. And even profile of passengers have changed. And the management claims they understand how tough it is because they have been on our flights to try hands on. FOR A WEEK! Doing our work for a week doesnt make u an expert on our working conditions my dear mgmt! How about gg 3mths on our rosters. Mixture of long and short flts. Mix of mrng, day and night flts. then u can tell us how it feels like to be in our shoes working our ass off for those damn kpi's. YOUR KPI's. You hate it when we mention it cause you know its true. Ofcourse most of us do this job and go the extramile for our pax simply cause we love doing what we do. Mgmt just happen to take advantage of our situation.
Ive never really truly believe that we are earning lesser as years go by until recently. I am thankful for the hard earned money i bring home. But how isit possible that over the years, when things become more expensive, allowances becomes lesser? Abt $606 for europe now compared to $8++ few years back. Definitely it was so much more during the time of my seniors. To make matters worse, we missed breakfast allowance not long ago due to late arrival into stn. That makes my europe flt allowance to a miserable $5++. Quite a joke right. And if we bring this matter up to svp or mgmt, they will prolly just say we shd take this matter up to the union. Our nonexistent union. Yes groups are being formed right now. Each claiming they will undo what damage has been done. Atleast 10 things to look at. But in reality, in the 4years term, prolly 2/10 matters will be sorted out. THAT IS THE REALITY!
I wonder if the so & so believes in the things coming out from his mouth. He's been potraying a people person kinda image. Definitely for sure he's better than his predecessor. But does he mean In when he says he will work tog wit us for a better future of cc n propel the airline back to number1? Which again in reality, its not possible with the loyalty of cc to the company these days. Isnt he also supposed to look after the welfare of the crew? Hw exactly is he doin that?
Recently the coy has been promoting junior clowns too. Ofcourse some deserve the promotion to green with their competencies. But theres also a handfull promoted based on the boxes they ticked. Like,
Going for courses on their offdays
Doing cca's and being part of the committee(normally full of politics)
And other extra things they do EXCEPT for being competent in their work. There are others who are much more capable but were denied promotion because of certain lapses(which only makes us humans,mind you) and because they choose to have a life outside of flying instead of coming to the office during offdays. The fault lies in the system in place. And system are designed by thr mgmt. And the mgmt will just refuse to say they were wrong.

Part 2 :

Junior crew, please, just stop complaining. I get my share of tough flts and tough people to work with too. But man up. This job will make u tougher in life. Trust me. Just remember to breathe. Tell yourself the flt will land and the door will open and that will b the end. Coy has made workin conditions tough enough. Dun make it tougher by promoting disunity. We only have each other overseas and onboard. U never know when u need the help of the person manning that cart with you.
Senior crew, leave your bitterness at home. You always tell us to b professional when we put our uniform on. Practise abit of humilty. We do not wake up telling ourself 'today i will break css susu rice bowl!' Sometimes u need to look at urself in the mirror before telling us to. Recent aviation disasters and death of our fellow colleagues(mostly because our job can b harmful due to radiation exposure and stressful) only teach us life is short. Cherish it with love, not hate.

Outsiders, your comments sometimes are irritating. But if it gives pleasure in your life to leave hateful comments about cabin crew, then by all means, carry on. You don't understand the things we go thru just by listening to stories of you friends or loved ones or just by reading the stories here. But again, its your life. If it gives u happiness, go ahead. Its irritating but it doesnt make a difference in my life unless ur comment have life virtues.

Not so junior after 6 years

BT: I think it is not ethical to mention names and so I've deleted them in the above post. My apology for editing the article.


Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

a big thank you for relaying my thoughts out in a well written manner as I for sure will not be able to write out and maybe offend some seniors or
"pro-coy" people. The final nail to the coffin was taking back LMA difference from us not too long ago. Before that I still see quite a handful of motivated crew, after that incident, I hardly see already. Apart from condemning people that have a life outside, people that fall sick or get injured , which are all the more due to the nature of the job, also get condemn. Well come to our coy.

best regards
6 years flying senior

Anonymous said...

This an example of a failure in common sense.

Anonymous said...

Cabin Crew have never been treated well by the Company. We are better treated people from abroad. This includes ICA and Customs staff. The posting by Toby Ang on his ordeal with the hijackers on SQ117 and the Mgt speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

Crew ought to be selected on the basis of competence, not meritocracy, for promotion.

Anonymous said...

GOSH THE MOST SENSIBLE POST EVER WRITTEN HERE . THANK YOU SO MUCH not so junior after 6 years. I'm not from the crew but have someone very dear to m3 working here thats why i do chk out mr bt's blog. SIA mgt really has a lot to improve if they want to be number one again! And I like your advises to both the jr and snr crew :)

Old 1 said...

Crew managers have not changed for decades my dear. They are still in the same zap-zap land.

The difference between 1980s and 2000
is not 20+ years. Its the senior crew.
The SCS ( IFS now ) the CS.

Once the doors closed, we were on our own and we decided on many things based on common sense and guided by the belief about what service meant to customers. Yes, we also threw the rule book out of the window.

-We distributed headsets even when a sector did not require it.

-We served hot towels even though it was not required, after all, we had enough to go round.

-We served hot drinks before arrival even when it was not required, by taking individual drink orders.

-We made ad hoc baby post weaning meals using first class food items and ensured it was neither too hot, or cold and with the approval of the parents.

Lots of things we did on board was guided by the belief that pax would enjoy them. This, to us was the extra mile. The extra mile that managers never knew about but pax appreciated.
The managers never even knew how and what things pax wanted ( while on board )

Since 2000, many things changed:

-Towels supplied for 2 serves only
-Headsets distribution controlled
-Cannot anyhow give baby food
-Follow service guideliness
-Any deviation, juniors will report.

The senior staff have no room to innovate and create... all for fear of being reported. Then again the managers want to standardise everything in the belief that it will not confuse the younger crew and also for performance KPI.

This killed and buried the spirit & soul of what essentially is the 'Great way to fly'

I am glad I had contributed to the glory of SQ's past. It is not possible for the younger generation to replicate it because the managers have created a barrier that will last longer than the great wall of china.

Fly, save, enjoy the night stops and the few friends that you have nurtured. But leave before the rot gets into your psyche. Stay away from managers... they have motives that you will never wish even upon your worst enemies. Shut up in their presence as they will hijack ideas as their own and worse... create a new circular to prohibit whatever you thought was a good practice.

Sit down
Shut up
Go home

Anonymous said...

Very well written. Bravo. We have to take care of ourselves cc. As the union part I also agreed. Its doesnt exist. Verno, tony, alan all crap......try to count the numbers of things they done for cc...nothing comes out

Not so senior 10 years flying said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, i'd like to say i've enjoyed reading this particular post. Im under 20 yrs here with the airline and as such have experienced the ending of the halcyon days and undergoing the turbulent times now. 911, Sars... It changed my perspective on life and this job in particular.

The rise of the middle eastern airlines and budget airlines, fuel prices, the changing landscape of both passengers and crew alike... Everything have had a direct or indirect impact on industry as we know it now.

They say happy crew equates happy pax, isnt it simple enough? Yet many measures set in place are done against the backdrop of the dreaded KPI, which makes everyone look only after their own back at the expense of the greater good of the Company's interests. Its a domino effect that begins at the top and seeps into everyone below. So much is being said about our kind of mgrs, but i could also argue it's much the same elsewhere. Only difference is that SIA was a great company - and i use the word "was" with grave regret - and unless the attitude of the Board, Senior Mgt, Mgt and their associates change and they recognise the errors of certain policies and alliances in place, im afraid the only way for us is down, past the point of no return.

Anonymous said...

Soar but they clip your wings.. They expect you to excel in inflight service but they removes the available resources and offerings.They tell you to manage your fatigue but expect you to do course and ECAs on your off days (so much for AOCR violation)
So,what is the direction that CC mgmt is heading? Promotion are based on contribution of ECAs and courses ,no matter how hard you work,no matter how competent you are.It"s the fact..CC will not look at how senior you are, how experienced you are,how good you are at your work.As long you follow the flow,you are on the ship.Its the same everywhere.
Seniors dreaded getting promote d.The higher you go, the roster gets worst,the lesser you earn but the more sh#t you face.How about getting SVP to draw the pay of managers?
Even union committee members fight amongst themselves when they are suppose to represent CC,let alone CC (be it juniors or seniors).The past is de past, look back will only makes you unhappy.Gone are the days.Just take good care of yourself, your family and do what you are suppose to do.Anything extra that comes along the way,keep it for a rainy day...