Sunday, February 1, 2015

Why I've removed the 2 posts

My post on  "Why disallow her from proceeding to next round of the interview ?" was removed because the girl involved in the case is afraid she would be victimised in future interviews. The post on the one working for AirAsia was also removed. Besides, there were also requests from other ex cabin crew (not ex SQ nor MI) not to publish about their plight. They too are afraid SIA may not accept them at future interviews.

I have told many ex cabin crew not to be unduly worried as SIA is not a company that dwells in petty issues. SIA is a world renown airline that is more concerned with delivering world class service to its customers, ensuring passengers' safety, looking after its staff as well as rewarding its shareholders.

Some time ago, a young lady wrote to me and complained about the way she was treated at the SIA cabin crew interview by one of its interviewers. Read more

Besides writing to the press (which was not published) she also wrote to cabin crew management. She was not afraid of repercussion. In fact, SIA replied to her and took action against the interviewer who traumatised her.
A few months later she went for another SIA cabin crew interview and was accepted.  She flew for a year and half and have since left SIA to pursue another career.
As much as I admire this lady's guts, I also admire SIA cabin crew management for being magnanimous and non petty. 


Anonymous said...

The company may believe that they are not 'petty' but the executives who carries out their duties are.

Anonymous said...

BT blogged about the issue so higher management will be aware of what is going on but sadly those wannabes are scared of being victimised. Don't blame BT for he has done his best.

Boh Tong said...

Thanks to 2nd Anonymous for your comment.
My message to all is if the executives or middle management treat you unfairly at the interview then you should give your feedback to the SIA cc management or tell me so I will blog about the issue.
Without your feedback how would SIA improve its interviewing system...right?

Anonymous said...

It is heartening to read the comments given by the people out there. I feel a deep disappointment as it (31st Jan) was my countless interview with SIA. I have done my best and most importantly I keep improving myself for the interviews. I’ve never blame Mr Luke but should thank him instead for all the guidance that he has given me. Not only that, he keep on encouraging me rather than asking me to give up. I even feel more motivated after reading all the comments by the people who support me (the deleted post). I don’t have the intention to hurt or invites dissatisfaction among any parties but nevertheless thank you Mr Luke and everyone. The more we try, the more we appreciate our success.  Jia you
Sincerely; Yun

Anonymous said...

"No matter how much the wind blows the mountain will never bow to it" yeah ok i'am taking a quote from mulan.
SQ management = mountain
Wind = People who are dishearten with management.