Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bedok Mall, a cabin crew hang out ?

I was at the Bedok Mall for lunch on a weekday with a few friends. The place has many eateries and restaurants. Just outside the mall is the newly renovated huge hawker center.

During my last visit, I bumped into no less than 10 cabin crew. A few were retirees like myself and others were either former crew or serving crew.
I saw a Assistant Manager eating at the hawker center by himself. I believe he was having his "Brunch break" as it was around 11:45am. I was wondering besides eating there what else he would be doing because his office at STC is quite far away. Why wasn't he eating at his office staff canteen where the food is cheap and good? 
I also bumped into the ex steward who was working on the hijacked SQ 117 in 1991. He told me he is now working for an interior design company.
There was also an IFS with an office staff loitering around the mall aimlessly. I also came face to face with an ex stewardess. We smiled as we crossed each other path without saying a word. There was an ex unionist and an ex colleague of mine. Then there was another retired IFS.
The meeting with all these people was uneventful. However if you like meeting the cabin crew then Bedok Mall is the place for you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I will boycott that place liao in case bump into hantus in broad daylight.

Anonymous said...

Got hantus meh? Why call cc devils??

Anonymous said...
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