Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cabin crew unhappy? Why is SIA not the Best Employer?

Frankly, I am unsure whether cabin crew is a happy group of people or not. Of course, many of those who left negative comments in this blog could be the unhappy minority. The silent majority of those who visit this blog and many others who does not know about this blog  may be the happy lot who did not leave their comment here. I may be wrong.

However, one thing I wish for was SIA besides being voted the "Most Admired" company in Asia by Fortune 500 should have also been voted as the "Best Empoyer" in Singapore. Unfortunately, SIA was unplaced in the last year survey by Aon Hewitt.

Aon Hewitt consultancy also found that "the best employers achieve 29 per cent higher profits than the market average. Their attrition is 25 per cent lower and they fill 42 per cent more openings internally compared to market level."
It also found that McDonald's and others in the top spot like Microsoft, American Express etc.  have four ways that differentiate them from others. 
Number one is a commitment to engagement, long-term, regardless of the economic or business condition. The second is a continued investment in the leadership programme.
The third is finding ways to differentiate their experience for employees versus the competition. The final is this disciplined focus on execution and really leveraging those frontline managers to enable them to be successful.

We hope SIA will be listed in the top 10 position of the "Best Employer" in the near future.


Anonymous said...

When a company like macdonalds treats its staff well its has become an eye opener to many out there. Now to have SIA treat its staff espacially Cc "well" is like asking the ceo or chairman of SQ to turn water into wine sorry to say that cannot happen anytime soon.
To those who are here commenting on the negativity of SQ they are the minority who are the voices of the majority. SQ has to change its mindset on how they do things cause if they continue going down this road which i persume they will then they are only going to end up losing badly it may not be now or tommrow but it will be soon.

retired.... said...

Even for retirees, no more firm tickets
All on standby.. is such a policy evidence of management's commitment to recognise loyalty or just plain allegiance?

How much will it cost to put aside firm seats for ex staff?
How many will fly in their twilight years?

This is evidence of:

Disregard for employee's worth

It is the absolute prerogative of
I, the manager to say, think, opine what I want of you...

It was I who offered you a job

It was I who offered you an extension

It was I who offered you an appointment

It was I who offered you a promotion

You have every right to decline and not accept... in which case, I am delighted as I would save another dollar.

Voted as Best employer?
Good to start a quick poll...