Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ex stewardess's lover Dick

Dick came to Singapore often and his main reason then was to see his stewardess girl friend Theo.
I was introduced to Dick and got to know him quite well. He was an Australian man, well built with many tattoos on his body. He looked like an Italian Mafia but was a kind and nice man.
Whenever he was in S'pore and after seeing Theo, Dick would invite me and another IFS whom he knew to have drinks and meals with him.
Dick would always have a friend called James tagging along whenever we were invited for dinner and drinks. I suspect James, a Singaporean was his bodyguard.

Dick's romance with Theo did not last long. Theo left Dick as she felt that he was unwilling to leave his wife for her. Theo married a Dutch man whom she met in the hotel where the crew was staying.
I am not sure what has happened to Dick as we have lost contact with him. In fact, he was so broken hearted after Theo left him that he sold his business in Singapore and swore never to come back.


IFS said...

I think Dick has passed away.

Anonymous said...

Don't get involved with stewardesses even as their lovers. To be their husbands is worst off.

Anonymous said...

CC have been too kind in extending assistance and protection to this ex-stewardess, Theo. Her alleged rape incident in SGP was even mentioned in the newspaper. She had an innocent and cherubic look on her face, quiet and a person of few words. Some of our other female colleagues had fallen into the same trap as she did in chasing Angmoh batang.

She was rescued by fellow CC who could have risked their lives in having her flown our of Amsterdam.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

.... This kinda zzz

I think the story of the Taiwanese stewardess murdered by her malay steward colleague in the LA hotel is more sensational . What happened to the steward now?

Anonymous said...

This kinda zzz....The Malay steward was on a homicide charge that was never proven beyond any reasonable doubt. He was released from jail after serving a 3 1/2 year term. He had stopped flying years ago and little is known of him since.

He was saved by a brilliant Jewish lawyer who practised in the same law firm that defended OJ Simpson who was acquitted for the murder of his ex-wife and her lover.