Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Full load but many still want to come on board

Just wondering do you have one more slot for me to squeeze in, i need your help badly!!! 

I wished I could still come to your talk. Regretfully, all seats are taken :(

I decided to get private coaching lesson from you . Is it still possible for the upcoming march interview?

I would like to attend your 1-1 Singapore Airlines Interview coaching session for 3 hours. Just want to make sure I am fully prepared.

Even as I've stated that all the classes/talks for cabin crew wannabes are fully booked there are many like those above who wanted me to "squeeze" them in.
A few wanted me to privately coach them. They are willing to pay me as much as $400 for a 3 hour session.

Perhaps, someone should start a school or something to help the wannabes. I, alone can't manage. I am also getting old and tire easily.

I know many have started seminars to help the wannabes but the presenters or lecturers were mostly former junior cabin crew. The wannabes do not have much confidence in those people simply because they were not ex-cabin crew interviewers nor cabin crew executives.
Besides, the fee they were asking was quite high. Due to poor attendances, those seminars had been discontinued.

Suitable people to conduct this type of talks/seminar would be my ex-colleagues who were,like myself, ex-interviewers and SIA cabin crew executives.

Anyone has a better idea?

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Anonymous said...

I already said so many times that "sian steady si Boh Tong" haha