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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hazards of the handphones

It would be unthinkable to snap pictures of my girlfriend in nude (that's if I have one haha) with my phone camera and not delete them asap or upload them to another device so only I could access them.
There was a case of a married pilot who took photos of his married stewardess lover in nude with his mobile phone and did not delete them.
One day while he was sleeping at home, his wife had a peep into his phone and found out about his affair and the nude photos of his stewardess lover.
Furious, the wife published the nude pictures online. It was an embarrassment not only for the pilot and his lover but for the husband of the stewardess too.
The incident caused a rift between the husband and the stewardess.
I have the photos but I shall not publish them as I think it's not good for my underage readers to see them.

There was another case whereby a girl after answering her boy friend's phone call did not switch it off. The boy friend heard the moans and screams the girl friend made while having sex with another guy. It ended in a fight between the two guys.

Anyone with more stories to tell pertaining to the downside of owning a mobile phone?

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Anonymous said...

Nowadays more and more people are gluing their eyes on to mobile phones, even while they are on the move. Mobile technology is a solution looking for a problem.