Friday, March 6, 2015

Interviewer was unfriendly and intimidating

The lady interviewer looked very agitated and unfriendly from the very first time she looked at us. She was frowning and looking hard at us when we answered the question. It was really intimidating. Is this normal?? Or planned?

The above was part of an email a candidate sent to me recently.
My answer was, it wasn't "planned" or "normal". The interviewer was perhaps tired or bored. She had to attend to hundreds of candidates and it must have taken a toll on her.
Whether the above was true or not, the fact was that the wannabe's perception of the interviewer was bad.
There was another case sometime ago whereby a candidate alleged the interviewer humiliated her. She emailed me here .

I am not trying to teach the people conducting the interviews how to behave towards the wannabes.
All I want to say is that these people should be exemplary in their behaviour. They are representatives of the airline. These young cabin crew hopefuls should be treated courteously. Some, if not most of them would one day be the very people serving our passengers.

It is not easy interviewing hundreds of people in a day. I was once an interviewer too. I know it's a tough job but we must not take it on the poor wannabes.


Anonymous said...

this job is not for you la. if you feel intimidated and start complaining here, then go look for another job. cos you will encounter even more intimidating n unfriendly crew and pax throughout your career. even if you think those smilling and friendly people are your friends, beware cos they will backstab you for extra 1 point to gain promotion. even batch boys and your so called sisters and brothers will not hesitate to break your rice bowl.

Anonymous said...

In some ways I agree with the above. In this job don't be too sensitive and read too much into their expressions. Like what BT said they are most likely tired and bored. This is only the beginning. U may find it easy to get thru the interviews (as long as uve got what they are looking for) But staying on in the job is a different ball game altogether

Anonymous said...

And these are the CCE who will be administrating your annual leave, grooming, hotels, uniforms, service procedures etc..

You think you will be motivated to do well? Ignore them and just do your job?

Ha! ha!... you can ignore them but I can tell you they will chase your tail for pax comment, medical leave, standby duty and your body mass index.

Anonymous said...

A number of these CCE are like cancer when you see them do a 180 turn and leave make yourself scares.

Anonymous said...

It's about the same everywhere. We do not owe any allegiance to anyone in MGT. We are hired to be of service to our paxs; our pay masters and so CC should not be hindered from doing this to the best of his/her ability. Those office staff are there to administer mundane duties.

Anonymous said...

Trouble is that stupid IAs think they have 'arrived' at nirvana and start to nit-pick small things.

Hair too long, too short
Nail colour not suitable
Uniform not fitting enough
Moles and skin imperfections

They think they are on the way to become manager in CC or have the attributes of being better than 'tok-kong'

Stupid people.
Dont realise that they are being used
So desperate to be in good books for extension and "career planning"

Lets be clear here:

Cabin crew has earlier expiry date than any other staff. If you dont stay alert they will expire you earlier... but they dont intend to keep you till eternity.

xcept sexy, baldy and all the lesbians