Friday, March 20, 2015

Interviewers inexperienced, unsympathetic and unforgiving?

A few wannabes who didn't make it at the recent cabin crew interview complained bitterly that they got booted out of the interview for the slightest things.
Some of these unsuccessful wannabes are, in my opinion, SIA material but due to the inexperienced and unsympathetic interviewers particularly at the first and second round, they were booted out.The interviewers at these two rounds were as I understand, mainly old and retired senior stewardesses who are being re-employed on a year to year contract basis. Others were IFS who may not have the experience to conduct interview.

One applicant told me he was "axed" in the skin check or second round because his answer did not tally with what he declared in his application form...example he declared he had previously attended the interview twice but when questioned at the skin check round, he made a mistake by saying he had attended thrice before. " Huh huh, so you are not telling the truth...see in your application form ..bla, bla ....". said the interviewer. It was implied that he was lying. So the poor guy got "chopped" even though he had perfect complexion.
Another one complained that when they entered the room for the third round they did not close the door behind them. All 6 candidates were booted at the end of that round. It seemed strange that none of the six was good enough to reach the management round?

One wannabe email me this:   I noticed that there is a lady interviewer at the debate round who look pretty in her 40s and wearing specs but she's very stern and if I got her for debate round she will boot me out. Can I know is there a way to 'siam' her for debate round? 

and I jokingly replied her : I will tell her boss not to let her conduct future interviews.

There were other complaints too but I think the above will suffice. Let's hope at the next interview we will hear positive feedback from the wannabes regrading their interviewers.


Anonymous said...

Bt you are right sia is no big deal. It is not the same sia as when you were there with them. Today it is just trying to make money at the expense of its staff like all those cost cutting to the bone.

Anonymous said...


means a zombie employee

this is the source of falling standards
do anything just so to remain employed
means killing each other and also your own independent thought.

not cool

Anonymous said...

1 door shut.
10 doors open.....