Monday, March 16, 2015

Major leadership fight to take off in SIA's biggest union... 
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Who's H M S ? said...

Alan should win the union election and when he does, the 3 H M S in the office will be whacked!

Anonymous said...

H = Hali
M = Mee Chell
S = Sex C

Haha any cc idiot will be able to guess

Anonymous said...

what did you ppl say abt alan and tony 4 yrs back? the phrase 'remember to vote to tony' still rings in my ears n mouth. 4 yrs later, you guys will be singing another tune lo.

Anonymous said...

I hesitate to agree with first comment. Nothing is going to change the position of the three persons named. They are there to carry out orders from the D.O.H. The members have lost out substantially on their allowances and coping with reduced N/S have added to the strain on the health of CC. The recent reduction in the price of crude oil has provided some breathing space to airlines.

Anonymous said...

Since this year is SG50, the Company might dangle the carrot to make it look like it cares for its employees. Just take a look at what the ruling party has been doing. As if to make up for lost time, it is is now going all out to win back their votes lost to the Opposition in last GE. Our senior citizens have been neglected for too long.

The verdict at Aljunied GRC was a frightening nightmare for the MIW.
If the CC team that gets elected into office succeeds in securing a good deal, it will be because the ruling party needs to fill up their ballot boxes marked in their favour. After all, the timing is so good...why not?

Anonymous said...

First take care of the crew who go all out to make the passengers happy instead of coming up with boring videos preaching about good service during briefing sessions...

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

those service buzz videos are a joke.
Ownself find own office people and interview office people and say our service very good. Still live in self denial and believe opening toilet doors for pax are still a service other airlines talk about lol

best regards
6 years flying junior

Anonymous said...

Well... put it this way. where else do you find people open toilet doors for customers. So its call good service lor

Anonymous said...

well the reality is...
crew are demoralized.
lets say today you go NTUC shopping spend $100
3 mths later SGD currency drop, now the goods are worth $80
can you go NTUC demand back money say
currency fluctuate?

Anonymous said...

Just leave after you have enjoyed 3 to 5years flying ... your friends who cannot make it into SQ would have had 5 years head start in skills that would be more marketable or useful than you.

After 5 years flying what do have to show for it?

Sleep late
Wake up late
Dry skin
Poor diet

and worse of all:

a cynical person becos that is what SQ's culture is encouraging.

Just leave lah.
Let the die hards fight over union

Anonymous said...

Li Ka-Shing, renown tycoon was asked by the media during an interview, whether he is in fact Asia's richest man. Li looked at his interviewer straight in the eye and answered : There is another Li ( Lee ). The chances of CC getting a good deal after the elections are very good. The white sepulchre's health is waning.