Sunday, March 1, 2015

Singapore Airlines ranked 19th in Fortune's '50 Most Admired Companies'

SIA or Singapore Airlines remained the highest-ranked Asian company on the list of Fortune's 50 most admired companies and the only one from Singapore.

So how do you like to work for Singapore Airlines?


Anonymous said...

Strangely SIA is not in the S'pore list of best employers. Instead it is McDonald's the best employer.
Refer to this link

Anonymous said...

Work for sia? I left sia due to poor management in cabin crew. Look at the jokers sia has in cc management. People in middle management like sex c, ah lim, hally ang, kaseem, lesbians etc
They are bullies and tyrants.

Anonymous said...

So much loath and hate for SQ ROLF
When management treats CC like pigs in a rape cage someone needs to take a stand...

Anonymous said...

SIA is one company that has a reputation for getting the job done in good time, AT AN ECONOMICAL COST. In other words, Mgt is only concerned about being TASK ORIENTED.Feelings, concern or care for staff are not conveyed in the same manner as some other airlines. An example is privilege travel. QANTAS staff tickets are transferrable.

European carriers call their crew as airline ambassadors. They are very united and excel in team work. There is such a thing as White Supremacy.

Anony 2 has described the middle mgt accurately. This bunch of monkeys have been sitting behind their desks for too long and are just biding time until retirement. What a shame to see these ex-crew who once were good performers at 35000 ft, now squirming and acting like chameleons with endless flurries of white heerings spewing from their mouths.

This is a recipe for self-denigration, mental stagnation and a total collapse of the creative mind.

Anonymous said...

red heerings

Anonymous said...

They are merely administrators.

No young graduate in his/her right mind would intentionally ask to be assigned to Crew division. Absolutely zero growth as evidenced by the current CCE.

All stuck, just trying to outlive each other past 62. ( now maybe 65 years )

Each day passes by with the same old issues of MC kings & queens, promotion cut off points, pax complaints, inter crew complaints and the usual drama of DIs & CIs.

Exciting for a honours degree?
I think they have better chance of career path with DBS.

So Crew division is stuck with CCE who have passed their 'use by' dates.
I am just puzzled why board of directors are not the least bothered.

What do you think BT?