Saturday, March 21, 2015

Some passengers are asses and so are some crew

It is absurd that passengers travelling with us could just suka suka assault the crew. Last Friday, a flight was diverted to Delhi  because a passenger violently attacked the crew, injuring the IFS.
Hope that pax would be charged in court and made to pay a heavy penalty.
There were many cases in the past regarding paxs assaulting cabin crew.
Besides attacking crew some used foul languages on the crew when they can't get the seats or food of their choice or they were simply in a foul mood.

I am sadden to hear one of our senior crew passed away recently. This chief steward some years ago was accused of upgrading a colleague to the biz class. Guess what? .....A stewardess on the same flight instigated her boy friend who was travelling biz class to complain against the late CS.
He was supposed to be demoted but voluntarily left the airline in disgust.

It happened to me before. The leading stewardess whom I have corrected on her work on board a flight instigated a first class passenger to complain against me. That passenger, in an attempt to get a free f*** from her and sold his principle and lodged a ridiculous complaint against me.

The senior crew not only have to watch out for nasty passengers but evil hearted back stabbing colleagues as well.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting these stories. Never would one expect cabin crew who are widely travelled and educated would do these types of things. Shame on the crew

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior:

How about the recent case TW FSS when corrected grooming then shout molest?
really F Up. No wonder our coy service drop and drop lol

best regards
6 years flying senior

Anonymous said...

most crew will not think twice about stirring shit and break your rice bowl in the name of fun and to watch some drama.

Anonymous said...

Interviewer: Why do you want to be a cabin crew?

Wannabecrew: I like to start gossips and entrap seniors.

Interviewer: Wow! Thats great! Ngum Sai. Leh Hi Tuck Ker!

Ang Mor said...

That interview stuff is it Cantonese? What does it says.