Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The cabin crew interviewers

It's not often you will see SIA advertises it's cabin crew interview at 2 different countries. The topmost image shows the upcoming interview in Singapore on 14 March 2015 and the other one shows the interview on the same day in Jakarta, Indonesia.

To the interviewers conducting the interview in S'pore it is a nonevent. But to the ones conducting it in Jakarta, it is more rewarding.
I remember the time when I was an executive with SIA conducting the same type of interviews. Whenever my manager asked for volunteers to conduct the interviews in S'pore, my colleagues and I would try and "see yam" (avoid). However, when the interviews were to be conducted in places like Japan, Korea, Thailand etc, my manager would be getting many volunteers. In the end, my manager had to roster us for the interviews.

The interview at outstations came with some rewards. We would leave on Friday evening or whenever there was a flight say to Tokyo with vacant seats for us. We were entitled to fly first class but if it's full, we would then be downgraded to business class. SIA would booked rooms in a 5 star hotel for us.
The interview would be on a Saturday and Sunday. After the last interview on Sunday, we would catch the last flight home.
So by now you will understand why we prefer conducting interviews in a foreign country over the ones in Singapore.

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