Monday, April 6, 2015

Alan the leader of HEART Party promised NOT to allow management to introduce the flat rate IFA


Anonymous said...

I think its best to offer to management:

- crew can work till above 65

on the basis:

- no free tickets
- no medical
- no 2.5x
- no off days
- no annual leave

I think all crew will like this... to be able to work forever with SQ

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

let the crew that spit in cockpit food leave first hor ..then suggest hehehehe

best regards

Anonymous said...

The IFA is a back door approach to basic salary increase. It is payable only to CC while on flight duty. It has its origins during the SIAPA MGT industrial dispute that saw the intervention of the Government. Alan Tan ahd his Team are doing the right thing in highlighting their stand to all members and their approach is right.

Remember that it is an incentive, not a permanent pay rise across the board. Too often, Unions have found themselves gridlocked in endless sessions sparring on choice of words and sementics. Just stay the course and you shall win. The ground swell is in favour of the masses.

I find the comments by Anonymous 1 simplistic, naive and uncalled for. Sounds like the writer is able to live on love and fresh air. Better relocate across the causeway, clean toilets and shut up. If you have nothing else better to say, get the hell out of this room.

I would like to wish Alan and his Team success in this campaign. Members, give them a resounding mandate and let the bells of victory ring loud and clear.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on man!

Its true that all crew love to work for SQ till death do them part.

No body leaves the airline on their own accord. You either get kicked out, die or go the whole 9 yards.

Many would trade their retirement, medical benefits just to remain in uniform or with an airport restricted area pass.

Yes, its THAT simple.

Anonymous said...

Now suddenly calling to vote for Alan huh? where is the 'remember to vote to tony' i heard everywhere 4 years back?
4 years later, I dare say all you ingrate imbeciles will sing a different tune again.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha!

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
"Relax, " said the night man,
"We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave! "

Anonymous said...

Nobody leaves the airline on own accord???? Think again. Are you that ignorant? Many have left,migrated and doing very well with children grown up with fat bank accounts. Examples are those in property and financial planning, retailing, F&B, jewelry and even practising law. Some of the writers on this blog are either envious or sour grapes and for some reason cannot bring themselves to see others colleagues prosper. They are saturated in opinion with no ideas of their own.

Anonymous said...

Voting for alan pj and vernon no difference. They were from eddie camp also. Look at all the hungry cs css ls lss syanding ard campaigning. On board this are all the so call smartest in the cabin crew. On boatd act like b f.xxk. while campaigning they give u at the sweetest smile. The 3 camps all the same. The best is not to vote. Then they know cc doesnt support the union at all. Alan signed per diam. After 8 yrs. Still not taxable. And our allowance keep declining. Support him????? Tony make us do lon 4 days. Support him. All this blooding idiots only know how to fight fir retirements. Fight for lss fss. How about the guys. What did they get for gs ls cs....

Anonymous said...

Guys dont have anything of value between their thighs. Gals have female appeal to market, butts to shake.
Guys just eat, grow old & get fat.

The union exists only for show that labour is represented... otherwise cannot get into Fortune 500 for assessment, or other ranking methodology.

Vote is a right that you should exercise... too bad the choices are not palatable... but please vote.. if things dont work out your way, you have the right to protest. Otherwise squeeze bola with left hand & still carry on with right.

Whoever is elected have no clear path to negotiate. CC have zero to begin with. The word actually is to beg, wheel & deal... we got nothing to negotiate with in the 1st place.

Putting forth ideas about being fair and to bring about better moral is all gibberish to management.

Rosters they control
Pay they control
Fleet they control
Compliment they control ( min safety)
Rest period they control
Medical they control
Accommodation they control
Promotion they control

What negotiations are we talking about?

Its begging and crawling on all limbs.