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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cairns here we come, LMA for SilkAir crew

SilkAir will be flying to Cairns (CNS) from 30 May 2015. Due to the relatively long duty time (flight time is 6 hours 45 minutes) the crew will have to night-stop there. This will be the first time the crew will be night-stopping overseas.
The location meal allowances are listed below.

A few people do not believe that the above location meal allowance is true. Please visit the union website


Anonymous said...

how come its not handled by SQ?

Anonymous said...

SIA used to fly to CNS but stopped several years ago due to poor passengers traffic.

MI cabin crew said...

We are eagerly waiting for CNS nightstops as this will be our first nightstop flights. The allowances is very good and it should boost our salary by at least $700 per month.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure LMA so high?

Anonymous said...

I also don't believe MI LMA so high. Don't hantam ah!