Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Heart says "Thank You" to voters and urges opponents to put aside differences

I stumbled upon a post about the recent cabin crew SIASU election (a blog which I will not want my readers to visit and so I am not providing the link)in which it says "These unionists in SIASU absolutely hate each other" and "These unionists in SIASU absolutely dislike each other". The blogger does not really have a deep understanding of the working of the cabin crew union (which is part of SIASU). I don`t think the opposing teams challenging to lead the union ever hate each other. They disagree on issues. They are all colleagues flying for the same airline. I don`t think they ever even hate their employer. As unionists,they want to bargain and get the best deals for their members.
The message(above)from the victorious Heart party says it all.


Anonymous said...

This is an excellent example of sportsmanship. Go on issues. Avoid atttacks on character and personal differences. THe HEART Party won the landslide victory mainly on its campaign strategy and on how it debunked the false allegations circulated by some undesirable elements in the midst of the campaign.

Anonymous said...

We would like to see how Heart does that. Why not hold a meet the crew session and prove to the members. Don't Talk and no Action.

Lastly, Alan pls do not walk out if you are cornered during your last meet the members.