Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Low union membership among the cabin crew

Image courtesy of SIASU

It's a pity that of  the 7,500 cabin crew, only about 50% are unionised. Out of the 50% (3,750) a small number voted for their union representatives (2695 cast their votes). The voting stretched for 11 days and so it's little excuse that almost 900 members did not vote.

The reasons most did not join the union are:
  • The employer is very good to the workers so there is no need to be union members.
  • $9 per month union membership fees is too costly.
  • Why be members when you can get all the perks, salary increase etc  the union fights for its members?
  • Some felt the union has done nothing constructive for them.
  • Some have resigned from the union in the last few years.
  • Membership drive is not done aggressively.
There may be other reasons besides the ones I've mentioned.


Anonymous said...

Non-members are free loaders who piggy-ride on the union members. They are cheapskates these SIA boys and girls.

Anonymous said...

I think most jus do not want to be political. After all, they probably want to fly only two three years and they Will venture into other careers or higher education.

Anonymous said...

Why waste money join union when non-union members can get the same working terms and conditions for free.
As for getting union members to represent you during CI/DI- put it simply. If you don't get into trouble, no need to worry and think until so far. If really get into trouble, even NTUC chief also cant save you.