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Monday, April 6, 2015

Martial arts steward robbed during nightstop

Since the cabin crew union election campaign started on April 2, I have visited the place (area outside of control centre at terminal 3) thrice. I was back in touch with many cabin crew again especially the ones who are campaigning for their parties. It's good to rekindle my ties with them again. Sure, there are many whom I do not know especially those who joined cabin crew after I've left in 2003.

One of the stories I heard was about a steward being robbed in Sao Paulo during his night stop there recently.  He was with his wife, also a cabin crew touring the place when two men approached them. They were rather friendly with the couple. In a matter of seconds, one of the men placed his arm around the steward and the other poked a knife at the steward's side. They took his watch, cash and wallet with credit cards inside. Fortunately, they did have time to do the same with the stewardess.
After robbing the steward, they fled.

I was told that the steward was a martial arts exponent but he acted wisely by not picking up a fight with them. He was worried that if he was to challenge the robbers, they might hurt his wife.

Not only places like Sao Paulo is dangerous but many others like Los Angeles and many places in the US as well Moscow and some parts of Europe where the crew night stop are also dangerous. Therefore, crew ought to be careful and should go out in a group rather than alone or with a female colleague which would make easy target for the criminals.


Anonymous said...

Thank God that no one was harmed. I have known from Singaporean business men while in Russia on business trips who have gone without meals. The reason for this is the food served in their cafes and restaurants are not edible at all. Not only is food expensive, customers, including foreigners are served food with expired dates while the fresh stocks are being hoarded by their F&B staff.

Aeroflot, the cheap Russian budget airline hardly served meals to their paxs. It was common for their Cabin Crew to offload the entire stocks of Coke for themselves. No wonder it was hardly available even though it was chargeable. And yet, some big shot in the Government has been telling us to invest in Russia.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you have gone back to T3 to meet the election teams BT. I am sure they must have been filled with joy to see you again after such a long lapse.

Boh Tong said...

Yes it was good to meet the crew again. Some were my trainees 30+ years ago eg Alan Tan, Saladin, PJ and others were in my ward. One thing I noticed is that we are all getting old...:-(

Anonymous said...

Boh Tong aka Mr.Tan, good to see you posing with my batch-boy Alan.
Glad you are keeping well my basic course instructor.

The Cowboy.

Boh Tong said...

Alamak so you are The Cowboy aka Handsome Chief Steward. Good to hear from you again haha