Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pilots and cabin crew are closer now than before

These days I was told that more pilots are getting along well with the cabin crew. Some even "tar pow" food for the cc. During the nightstops, they would invite or least interact with the cc. More and more pilots are treating cc with respect.
It's a fact, in a co-pilot's appraisal, one of the criteria to be assessed is "the ability to get along with cc". To be promoted to the rank of a captain, besides being efficient in his work, he must also be able to socialise with cc so in time of crisis he could muster the support of cc. Team work is of utmost importance.
I was also told that quite a number of the cc's children are now pilots with SIA,Tiger Air and other airlines. A few are now captains. This may also be one of the reasons the pilots are friendlier with cc unlike in the old days.
Of course, one may say that the pilots are nicer to cc because they want to flirt with the stewardesses. This phenomenon is not new. It happened during my time too.
Overall, I think the closer ties with each other augurs well for the company.

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