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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Captains can work one more year amid oversupply of pilots

According to the Straits Times news report “SIA pilots above 62 get extra year” (Mar 9) – “Singapore Airlines (SIA) has agreed to let captains above the age of 62 keep their wings for an extra year, but there is a catch.
They must take unpaid leave for six months during the period. And those already past 62 and currently on re-employment contracts must go by the end of June.

If the above can happen to the captains do you seriously think similar cost cutting measures won`t happen to cabin crew? In an environment of fierce competition and low profits it is inevitable the company would resort to drastic cost cutting measures to remain afloat.

Cabin crew must be realistic and be more concerned  with keeping their jobs than fret over things like a slight drop in their LMA, flat rate IFA, downgrading of hotels etc..

What can your union do if lets say, the company decides that crew be provided meals in the hotels they stay instead of being paid the LMA? What about mass retrenchment or "offer" of the so called "Golden Handshake" to senior crew like the IFS and CS as they did to the CCEs in 2003?

I know of airlines that do not pay their flight attendants basic salary. The crew are paid by the hours they fly. Some pay their crew low basic salary and their crew depend on their meal allowances and the number of hours they work. Therefore, SIA cabin crew is more fortunate than its counterparts.
Here I am not referring to budget airlines but premium airlines.

We hope SIA will continue to be profitable otherwise it may resort to taking more severe cost cutting actions.

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Anonymous said...

Why want to let old captains fly isnt enough they made so much money? Should let the younger ones fly more.