Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My blog helped her got the stewardess job

Dear BT,

I have passed the xxxx  interview, and would be commencing my training in xxxx (please censor the date if this is going to be up on your blog hehe)!

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you, as your tips and stories have helped many others like myself.
Never had I imagine I would be able to pass it in just one try. Your blog has certainly prepared me well.

Just a feedback, may I also request a post on what trainee Cabin Crews can expect during their training/first few flights? Advice and tips for trainee Cabin Crews?

I heard from a friend that there are awards for trainees such as Best Trainee Award, Best English Award and Best Make-Up Award. Are those true?
If so, what are some tips that can help a young lady like myself who is serious in career establishment?

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Anyone who aspires to become a FSS must be prepared for the long haul. Do not be misled by what is purveyed by advertisements that are nothing more than an invitation to treat. No harm in being idealistic but do not forget to be realistic. After your probation, make a self-assessement and future plans, and take the plan that suits you best. The job and perks are no longer what they used to be.

The blogger must be young, energetic and bright. Make use of your potentialities, including your good looks to serve you best. A successful CC is one who has attained mastery over customer handling, problem solving, tough, is widely travelled, has no fear over abusive paxs, is gracious at all times and never fails to win ove the odds.

The late LKY once said that he had never known anyone who had become a leader by taking leadership courses. Also, do not wait too long to become a mother.

Anonymous said...

oh my. being the best trainee doesnt necessarily makes u a good crew. nor does the best make up crew and best english awards. chasing awards doesnt get u your promotion my dear. and nowadays, being a competent crew does not get u ur green kebaya or tie as well. wake up girl! this is not an office job where awards brings u success. i think u got ur priorities wrong. this job needs passion which are no longer available in most junior crew like u with the exception of a of luck to u.

Anonymous said...

To get the best trainee, best makeup etc has nothing to do with what the title suggest. Most important in STC and onboard is to Por Lan Pah aka carry balls of your instructors and seniors.
When they laugh, you laugh. When they cry, you cry.
When flying, when they must do some sickness thingy like eat Viet food or some crap roast duck in Ang Mor country u go along. When they carry Burberry or Rimowa, you also join in. Then they will call you champion.
This type of attitude very difficult to train.
Either you have it or you don't.

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

Remember by heart this is no longer a career, MR BT days yes, my days, everyday you are being held ransom for any mistakes you do, hokkien saying:
deh lanpah aka squeeze balls

Anonymous said...

Awards means squawk in SQ, as the other posts above has said LEARN to carry balls whether by using your hands or mouth make sure you do it. if you dont have what it takes trust me they will beat you down like a rabid dog.

other than that have fun and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Award = no money
Best trainee = no money
Best looking = no money
No MC = little money
No complaints = no money
Good appraisals = no money


1 complaint = in your file
1 4 letter word = warning letter
1 day report sick = in your file

You think about it:

More incentives or less?

Join, fly, shop, save, leave

Anonymous said...

6 years flying seniors says:

very well said to above...
may god bless you