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Monday, 20 April 2015

Final results for cabin crew union election 2015

Results: as at 3:50pm is

Unity  boc votes 355
One Voice..........239
Split votes ........1022
Spoilt votes ..........41

Heart bloc votes...1038.....winner by landslide....Congrats Alan & Heart!!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like cc is going to have to suffer for another 4 1/2 years. All you stupid dickheads out there who voted for Alan and Heart you deserve it you will see what I mean in time to come :-)

Anonymous said...

Dont talk cock.Heart will be good for cc. From the
promise made at election expect more money - increase in Meal Allowance,Basivc pay, Inflight allowance

Anonymous said...

The 1st Anonymous must be some loser from One Voice. Wouldn't be surprise if it's FS M. 239 Votes joke man! Congrats Alan and heart!

Anonymous said...

Aiya. 4 yrs down the road all you ppl will start gong lan jiao wey again. Last election say alan lousy. This election say tony. Next election say alan again

Anonymous said...

The members are showing signs of maturity as evidenced by their total rejection of Eddy. His methods and schemes are no longer tenable and can only belong to the junkyard of cobwebs and stench. Alan and Heart Party is the peoples' choice. Move forward Alan as the entire CC rallies behind you.

Anonymous said...

Rally so what? didn't Tony & gang wins handsdown 4 yrs ago? what happen in the end huh?
Whoever leads union does not matter cos the result is the same.
If you guys don't like what you are getting, just resign. Don't whine all day.