Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The honeymoon is over for cabin crew management

One thing most crew would take delight in is that the honeymoon for its management is finally over. Choice is no longer its bed-partner. Choice is dead and so is its offshoot One Voice.
The tiger that is waiting to pounce is Heart. With Alan as its leader, it will be tough for the management to have a good sleep every night as it did for the last 4 years.
Alan has nothing to lose as he is almost 56 years old. This would probably be his last term with the union unless his retirement is extended to 62 and beyond. He is an honest man who is committed to helping the crew. The only thing he may lose is his credibility if he does not keep his election promises.
We will be watching and time will tell whether things will improve for cabin crew.

Results of election:

Heart Party won all 20 seats with Alan having the highest votes of 1709 and the least in his party of 1336 (Arshad).

Vernon Lim the leader of One Voice garnered 530 votes.
PJ Singh,leader of Unity scored with 921 votes.

The 2 independants collected around 200+ votes each.


Anonymous said...

A big congratulations Heart. CC need to be patient and give the Heart team their undivided support. It takes time for all the promises to be deliver.
The next CA will tell whether the team can deliver.
Give them time & unite behind them to be a united force to achieve fairness and improve the lives of CC.

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

At least when I see Alan face, I can sense down to earth and honesty..whether can fight for better terms or not, secondary, most important is when we need help we can find one..
the others i can sense hidden agenda.
I wish him and his team all the best..

best regards
6 years flying senior

Anonymous said...

May i know why is ourcabincrew web locked? wanted to get the pdf e-guide but couldn't enter

Boh Tong said...

Ourcabincrew will open on 28/4/15 as the blogger is not in Spore