Thursday, April 16, 2015

Who is the real Ravi P?

The guy "Ravi P" who commented in the earlier post "After 12 years, they are still the same ( pt. 2 )" was supposedly a cabin crew who had left many years ago.
I do not think it's the real Ravi P who had left the comment. The real Ravi is a very successful businessman making tons of money and do not have the time nor interest reading this blog.
Ravi left SIA as an IFS in 1984 after working 15 years in cabin crew. He is now into property, movie and food business. His personal asset is worth a few hundred millions and is still counting. His monthly salary is a whopping $160,000.
The person who used Ravi's name must be a "lau cheow" or an old timer who knew Ravi.


Anonymous said...

Mama Paul?

Anonymous said...

Read this