Friday, April 17, 2015

Whoever leads the union will face a tough management in the next 4 years

By next Monday afternoon, around 4 pm, we will know who will form the next cabin crew union committee. Will it be Heart or One Voice or Unity Party? The top 20 candidates with the highest votes standing for the election will be in the committee to represent the 7,000 cabin crew (only 50% are union members). Currently, the voting is still going on at cabin crew control centre Terminal 3.

My guess is Heart will get the majority of the crew's votes. At least 15 of their candidates (each party field in 20 candidates) will get the highest votes from the 3,000 to 3,500 votes cast by Monday 20 April 12 noon. But then we will never know who will be the winners until the ballot boxes are opened and all votes are counted.

Whoever are voted to represent the crew will have a tough time negotiating with the company. SIA is not that profitable anymore. It faces stiff competition from budget and Middles Eastern carriers.

Whatever the outcome, it is better to have a strong union to bargain for the crew than to have a weak team of representatives.

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Anonymous said...

That being the situation, we send the union reps to go on both knees, crawl & beg on members' behalf.

Actually, no need for union as long as management follow MoM rules and Employment Act.

Union have no standing. Always have to run to big brother for help. ( NTUC )

NTUC pretend to 'twist' arm of management... we also pretend to adhere to rules and regulations.

Everyone pretends.