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Has the cabin crew union been doing a good job? Well see here

Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's going to be fun working as cabin crew cos we're gonna work less for more money hahaha!!


LMA = location meal allowance for crew to spend on food when they stop at an oversea station.

IFA = For each hour the crew work they will be paid an incentive flying allowance.For flights involving more than 14 hour duty time,the crew will be paid 2 1/2 times the hourly payment.


Anonymous said...

I want to join but has a butterfly tattoo on my backside, how ah?

Anonymous said...

Dont pull down ur panty la so eazy still wana ask Bt lol

Anonymous said...

Or ask apnn n bangala to use their small black hose to spray it off your ass or to conceal it lor