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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

" Can't live a day without me" ..oh really?

Yesterday someone from the media contacted me and asked me to help identify some stewardesses in a video. She is doing a project in conjunction with SG50 for her company. After looking at the video, my eyes caught the attention of a particular girl called Amy (not her real name). I identified a few in the video but Amy was someone whom I will never forget.
Amy was stunningly beautiful and sexy in her heydays. We were good friends and each time we were on the same flight we would usually spend time together. Amy was great company. We liked and enjoyed each other's company.

On one stopover in London, Amy visited my hotel room. We got intimate with each other but not to the extent of having sex. Amy had a steward boy and I was a married man. We had never intend to go further than just petting each other.

After that flight, Amy's boyfriend and I flew together. He was visibly upset with me. He was not his usual self and I suspected Amy must have told him about our fling. I left the matter as it was and went about doing our work.

A few months later, Amy's boyfriend and I was working on the same flight again. We had a night stop in Europe and that was when I asked him about his unusual behaviour towards me. We had a long good chat about his girlfriend Amy.

I confessed what Amy and I did in London. He nodded his head in silence as if to tell me he already knew about it. After a while, he broke his silence and in tears he told me I wasn't the first man whom Amy flirted with behind his back. To cut a long story short, he also told me Amy had left him for another man. He was broken hearted but he still wished Amy would return to him.

To be brutally frank and in my opinion, most cabin crew would sleep or flirt with one another. So what's the big deal about Amy?
I used to have a stewardess girlfriend. She was gorgeous and most men, stewards and pilots included would love to bed her. She and I clung to another for one year before we went separate ways.
During that one year we were together, she slept with a few stewards behind my back although she claimed she "can't live a day without me".....big bull wasn't it?
How did I know she slept with other guys? Well, she confessed to me and asked for forgiveness each time we were in bed. I can't blame her for her infidelity because she was young and lonely during her nightstops without me. Besides, she was sexually attractive and the guys were all waiting to "devour" her. That's life for you in the airlines.

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Anonymous said...

Nowadays the very young crew mostly care about shopping and eating and of cos WIFI in their hotel rooms haha. Sometimes their gf bf book the same flight to join in for a mini holiday. Come to think of it this is a good thing!