Sunday, May 17, 2015

Do you know that SIA cabin crew are also paid.....

A cabin crew who joined after 22 August 1974 get paid a transport allowance of S$ 270 per month?
On top of the above each crew is provided free transport if they finished their work between 11 pm and 6 am or report for work between 12 mn and 7 am.

Those who joined before 22/8/74 are provided with free transport from Home/Changi Airport/Home.

Each crew is given $150 a month for their laundry.

A crew working during breakfast hour is given $9.50, during lunch $13.50 and $17.50 for dinner. During their night stops they will be paid according to the stations LMA.


Anonymous said...

I heard that last time cc pay was good, benefits was great and the trips were like real holidays! Why last time the old crew so lucky and now the new generation crew got to work extra hard with so little incentives? Just to cut cost? If like this can't really blame them for complaining huh.

Anonymous said...

Because seniors who have retired will tell tall tales, about 22 day Honolulu
14 day LON and 7 day AKL

Although it did happen, it was for a very short time and usually just some quirky event that caused it. eg:
HNL was due to DC10 having being grounded and the sectors was replaced with a 707.

LON because aircraft AOG, not enough to send up another.

Try doing a SIN-BKK-BAH without rest period... and also BAH-ROM-AMS

Try doing SIN-SYD-MEL, with new, eager pax joining the flight ex MEL, because the entire flight was a loop:

Try doing SIN-CHC-AKL in daylight
Try doing SIN-KUL-HKG
Try doing SIN-BKK-HKG
Try doing SIN-MAA-CMB-SIN in daylight
Try doing SIN-KCH-LHE-KCH from night into day

Just like people say: hear only the good stuff?

Anonymous said...

well said