Saturday, May 16, 2015

Another ex SQ stewardess missed flying

Hello dear, I can totally relate to ur story here, as I feel the same way. I went for the interview for 3x n finally i got in. Had a great times in a training school as well as my flying days. 

I was dollar sign FSS when I joined sq, flew for 4 years and then quit becoz i was getting married. And now years gone by, and I wish that Im still flying.

Sometimes I feel that I regret my decision to leave sq. Although this job is tough but I realize now, that I did love my job after all. I hv tried to go back as returning crew, however I didnt succeed.

Its sad for me, esp when i believe I had a good record. But maybe life has planned something else for me. As crew always said, "when one door closes, another one opens".

Door disarmed,


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Anonymous said...

what does returning crew means? those who quit can actually apply back again?

Anonymous said...

Returning crew means losers la. After quitting they realise they cannot make it outside and wanna come back flying claiming they love flying and miss flying la. But truth is they know outlside life is tough despite their constant whining and complains

Anonymous said...

Crew work is finite.
It ends when the aircraft chocks on, and after all pax disembarked.

Non-crew work is usually longer.
You can go home after 7pm.
But next morning, you will see the same faces and the work is still there. It can be there for weeks and even months!

Crew get to fly in different aircraft types, with different sets of crew, different sectors, different departure times.

Some people like that ( they adapt )
Some people hate that ( they want consistency.. they should work in an office)

But its tough work and its tough on the body & mind and spirit.
That is why some crew drink, party, smoke to let off steam.

Some do lots of gym work
Some run, swim, bike.

Stay healthy, rest well
Dont use sleeping pills
( some crew have gotten so used to them I think their brains have turned to tau huay )

When you have had enough, leave.
You cannot fly forever ( some seniors think they are still under 30 years old)

meanwhile safe flights to all

Boh Tong said...

Well said 3rd Anonymous and what about yourself? Hope you do not have tauy huay otak hehe.

Anonymous said...

Ya right. Seen so many of these.... They bitched so much about the job, then quit and brag to everyone, then get a job outside (some couldn't), then work for few months and realied real work is too tough for them, then cry and come back to fly, then (the best) brag to everyone that they miss and love flying too much.

Anonymous said...

Ameen to you anon 4. Same thing for us in the gulf. Sometimes we feel we get pushed to breaking point. Some break many stead fast. A senior told me once if your here to have fun its the wrong occupation if your here to break a
spine then welcome.
The real Cc's are the ones who can take the beating n get back up.

crew said...

Those who have stayed beyond 25 years are true champions.

They would have seen, smelt, heard, tasted and felt all there is in a crew's life.

Aircraft changes
SEP changes
Service changes
Salary changes
Union changes
Hotel changes
Crew roster software changes
Crew welfare changes
Leave application changes
Training changes
Uniform changes
Menu changes

But some things never change:

Management attitudes
Passenger attitudes ( only SQ pax )

Once you decide to leave, do not turn back... throw, dispose, delete all your SQ contacts. I assure you that those remaining will definitely delete you.( unless you become a celebrity of sorts )

Anonymous said...

U don't have batch gatherings one meh? batch 1981 still have meet ups one.

Anonymous said...

Not because I got pregnant .. No one can help to look after my son.. I would have been still enjoying each flight..... 13 years is still too short for me.. Frankly I miss working on board.. As crazy as people can comment on... But that's the only challenging time a cabin crew can make use of their " useful talents"
Just had my 1st gathering with my batch after 20 years. How time flies....and I am happy many of my batch mates are still flying.. Mostly male. I would have been the only girl..