Friday, May 1, 2015

Ex stewardess wishes she is still flying as an SQ Girl

Dear Boh Tong,

What made me reminisce so much was a recent trip to Paris, where I stayed with a crew friend at the hotel. That evening, I went out to to tahpow dinner for us at the Thai Crew Joint down the road from the hotel. The moment I stepped in, all the crew turned and nodded, as if acknowledging me to be one of them. One crew asked if I just arrived this morning. I was pleasantly surprised. I left SQ about 7 years ago, and it felt nice to know I still have the "crew look/vibe".  Went out with the crew for Brunch and then the Paris flea markets the next day and it felt like I never left the airline.

Every time I see any SQ girl, I feel like I was back before my flying days, wishing I was one of them. It took me 3 tries to get in. It felt surreal that I was ever once donning the kebaya. Anyhow, when I did get in, I was also pleasantly surprised to get the Best Trainee Award. When I was flying, I received good appraisal reports (at first), and was consistently top 10%. I was also the first batch to be trained for the A380. I went for training, but never operated as I left abruptly to get married.

I actually feel that there's so much more to write...of my flying days... I am very fortunate, very very fortunate...that during my short years of flying, I encountered really wonderful passengers. One of them was a professor with no kids and he told me his life story, and he told me that he has not told anyone what he told me, and he felt so good just having someone listening to him and not judging...after that flight, he bought be a very expensive pearl necklace and some other gifts. Later he sent a cheque to me. And wrote a long letter for me not to offended by cheque. He said I'm like a daughter he never had. 
On my first US flight, to JFK, I met a German family. I grew close to them, that for my birthday, they took me on an Italian vacation. And also brought me to the opening games of the 2006 World Cup.

All in all, we all are given the same platform, which is the airline. The same opportunities. It's just how we choose to even open our eyes to see them in the first place. And then grab them. Also, we must have a good intention and open heart :) 

Thanks so much!

Warmest regards,

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Mochi1985 said...

Hello dear, I can totally relate to ur story here, as I feel the same way. I went for the interview for 3x n finally i got in. Had a great times in a training school as well as my flying days.

I was dollar sign FSS when I joined sq, flew for 4 years and then quit becoz i was getting married. And now years gone by, and I wish that Im still flying.

Sometimes I feel that I regret my decision to leave sq. Although this job is tough but I realize now, that I did love my job after all. I hv tried to go back as returning crew, however I didnt succeed.

Its sad for me, esp when i believe I had a good record. But maybe life has planned something else for me. As crew always said, "when one door closes, another one opens".

Door disarmed,