Thursday, May 7, 2015

In defence of ex stewardess Hilary and cabin crew..a reader wrote this

Is this really necessary? Yes, cabin crew do travel to Paris, London, almost everywhere. But what you people don't know is Singapore airline cabin crew work from the start till the end of the flight. Yes, non stop. When you guys are happily sleeping, resting or watching movie, we are preparing for meal service to serve it to you. When you guys are happily resting, we prepare snacks and drinks for you. For a380 flights, due to the ultra high expectation, we have to work 10 times harder. For a 13 hours flight in a380 flight, other than the 3 hours of crew rest, we have no seats to sit down and rest for a bit. We have to stand for the whole 10 hours walking up and down, preparing meal service, drinks, snacks, answering attendant call button, serving ad hoc requests. Everyone may think we had it easy. But do you know for a overnight flight, having to be awake and continuously work for 10 hours, in order to go out for sightsee, we have to sacrifice our sleep? And fyi, we only have 1.5 days in places like Paris, Europe, UK. For other stations, the maximum we have is 24 hours in the country before taking off.

It is okay if everyone discriminates against us saying we treat Caucasians better. That is because they are willing to start a small talk with us.

It is okay when passengers bully the crew just because they think they paid for our service. But we are not slaves and machines. We are also human being.

All we want is to be appreciated for the things we do and worked hard for.

You think you're the only one who had a hard life? You think we had it easy? Everyone else is!
Why didn't I see people posting things like "omg. How many cabin crew is injured from the turbulent? Hope they are fine." Singapore airlines doesn't care for cabin crew. Public is targeting on cabin crew just because of a post on her reflection of being a ex cabin crew.

All I want to say is, being a cabin crew is no difference from being a guy serving national service. We are uniform group as well. We can't be seen in public. We have strict rules too. We can't take picture in our uniform. We have to constantly apologise for things that we did not do wrong. We have limited rest too. Now tell me how are we different other than our job scope?

Yes. I am a cabin crew from Singapore airlines and I hate to say that cabin crew are always not appreciated. Not from the company, not from the public.
When we felt appreciated, people thinks that we are biased.
Be nice, and we will be nicer to you.

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Anonymous said...

True to say that CC not appreciated by the Company, but untrue to state that this is the same with the public. Further more, this commentary sounds more like IN DEFENCE OF CABIN CREW.

Anonymous said...

Seriously??? U want to be appreciated? U want to be loved? What else u want? U want me to come to your galley and feed you too? Should i tuck you in for crew rest? Wake up man all of you. This is the reality of life. Not only us in Sq face this. Everywhere else in the working world also has this problems where their hard work isnt appreciated by their bosses. Or their clients giving them a tight deadline on project completions. But whats different for us is, the plane will eventually land and doors will open.
Every job has challenges. Sadly for us is having to be on our feet for long hours. And we are paid to do so. Its not like we are doing it for free. I admit it can get tough. But dun over exxaggerate la until no place to sit or cannot sit. Some people have nice bosses, some crew have nice leaders or ifs who will tell u go take a sit for awhile. Its not their fault if rest period oso u choose to watch movie or cannot slp. So lhr flts 13.5hrs. Mandatory rest 4 hrs. U work 9.5 hrs what. Ifa abt $330. U calculate ur actual workin time of 9.5 hrs u get abt $35 and hour. U not happy wit the job u try find a job that pays better per hour rate lor. U think outside world execs who earn 10-20k a mth dun work hard meh? U think they got no stress? U think their ceo everyday sayang them ah? Be realistic la. Ofcourse coy could have done better with our lma. I have to admit its horrible. But this world isnt fair and life isnt perfect either. Be happy with what you have. Some people save their whole life just so they could go to paris. You can have 1.5 days in paris for many other times for free(RMB NTH IN LIFE IS FREE.YOUR HARD WORK TO PARIS IS THE PAYMENT FOR THE TRIP)
And to the junior crew. Be grateful for this era. I have to agree people like Hilary are whiners. Your seniors and my seniors includin fs/fss 20,21 and some 22 series went thru much worse phase of learning than u. They've been chased out of the galley to stand at the door while others work cause they were slow. They've had breadrolls thrown at them. And many other things that seniors will know. And u still see these fs/s surviving. Ur leaders these days are so nice sometimes u take advantage of their kindness. But ofcourse there are very good junior crew as well. So let this matter rest. Nth will change. U dont see on waves marvin tan commenting about this matter havent u? Im sure he knows abt tis. But he chooses not to care. So why shud we. Enjoy the nice flights we have. Forget abt the bad flts.
Safe flts!

Not so junior after 6 years

Anonymous said...

Boo!!!! Go aside and cry lah.

Anonymous said...

FS/S 20,21 and 22 is call senior and have "breadrolls thrown at them and asked to stand outside galley"?
Oh.. come on.. Every era claim to have bread thrown at them.
Let me tell you this - don't bull shit lor. You think 20xxx series just lan lan and let people throw rolls at them huh? They cant event let people say them 2 sentence let alone throw rolls lor.
All this throw bread rolls and asked to stand out of galley shit basically stopped after 58xxx series.
The case started with SIA taking in Grads and SVP was Sim Kay Wee. My team girl who was a Grad wrote in a LS and management sided her and the rot started thereafter with juniors staring to write in seniors.
So pls... don't claim 20xxx have rolls thrown at them.
And PLS... 20xxx people-don't think by claiming you flown in 44 jumbos mean you v senior liao. Some even told nimpeh they flown in 7Q and bigtops er. Balls to you lor. LOL

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

LOL i have to agree simi bread throwing era or flying plates doesnt happen in 2000 series la...those times are MR BT days....

Anonymous said...

In days gone by, we used to say:

"when the door closes, we make our own rules"

No days, its every senior crews' nightmare:

" we will report you to the office if you try to be funny..."

In days gone by, when the doors closed, we could create our own rest periods even for flights to India.

Now days, who dares to do that?..


words feared by all.
Not the pax
Not the turbulence
Not the flight time
Not the load
Not the emergency landing.

Anonymous said...

Throwing bread, plates, making subordinates stand outside galleys took place in the seventies not long after SIA ventured out on its own after the MAS split. It may sound weird to some of you but was a fact of life and did not have much impact on those who had to serve NS as life in the army was rough and tough. Sometimes in the pursuit of service excellence, some of our senior colleagues had resorted to this crude style of crew mgt but in reality, was the result of a bad temper.

Remember that vulgarity was a way of life during NS with the poor mothers taking the brunt. KNN and CNNBCB were commonly used on slow soldiers mostly the Hokkien Peng. We ought to take personal charge of our lives and not fall prey to the abusive ways as seen on the video at Simei Green.

Sadly, the image of CC has always been linked to that of Kopi Kia or Kopi Ah Sor. The Europeans treat their Fight Attendants as Airline Ambassadors and are afforded immense respect. Jobs are in abundance for them during retirement. Many retire on huge parcels of land as in Lufthansa crew. Ours on the other hand become taxi drivers or doing menial jobs that pay paltry salaries.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tired of hearing SQ crew complaining about their hardship. Quit and let others take the job is my advice.

Anonymous said...

I find SIA girls stimningly pretty, most of them. Not happy with the job ? No worries, quit and be my wife. I will provide gor you, and take good care of you

Speeling guru said...

What is "stimningly pretty"? Go and practise your england before commenting ok?

Anonymous said...

Apnn engrish from university of south pacific?

Anonymous said...

you SQ guys are considered lucky why dont you come and try Qatar airways cause i can guarantee you'll do a 180 turn and come back to SQ.
i dont mean to say this but what CC's are going through in SQ is nothing to those who are flying for the Gulf airlines.
The new gen SQ crew are soft.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo obviously typo error la hahaha dam gl u guys ahahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

You have not seen them without make-up.

Take a 2nd look
It can be terrifying.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anonymous for stating a fact. Many Asian CC working for ME airlines and based there are suffering in silence. It does not pay to have a high profile. ST published a letter from a Forum writer this morning in which this young man and his friends sang praises for a group of SMRT engineers who worked through the wee hours of the morning while Singapore was fast asleep.

These workers worked tirelessly lifing up and laying heavy concrete sleepers to replace worn out wooden ones. The writer described them as Singapore's unsung heroes. Cabin Crew are not alone.

Observer said...

Crew face a high degree of human contact and have to deal with multiple emotions. This is the nature of their work and it carries right through to their private "offline" lives.

You cannot separate the 2 dimensions.
This is where the employer has failed.
Doing the work is not the problem. It is the employer who lacks empathy.

It is fine for the CEO, SVP to declare that the understand employee work pressures etc. Ultimately, it is the chain of command that fails to transmit these ideals of understandings.

When you get various departments creating obstacles or being very procedural, it sends a negative signal. While the crew is expected to respond to customers with empathy, politeness, and display servitude to others, they don't receive the same kind from their superiors,and co-workers on the ground.

SMRT engineers working with concrete sleepers, machines and steel, do not have to explain to the concrete sleepers that they have to be moved.

Employees working in the front lines are the 1st face to face contact that customers encounter. Management has to appreciate that with more than lip service.

I expect management to be exemplary in servitude, courtesy, empathy and sensitive to needs of their co workers.

This is where the labour representives have failed big time. They failed to push for this fundamental concept that pins all negotiations:

Staff at the frontline contributes to high satisfaction even if the entertainment on board fails.

Crew Division has enjoyed the charity of its crew for too long.

Anonymous said...

So what are you going to do about it? Do you think the mgt really bother? Not haply just quit, no need carry on whining or write long theorems about crew-mgt-passenger relationships etc. In short, crew are nobodys in eyes of company