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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Many are reading the crew issue blog

Usually the average number of times (page views) people read this blog  is around 300 per day. But the number jumped to 600 just this morning and it could well be over 1,000 by end of the day.
The topic is "Cabin crew management was briefed following HEART's victory in the April union election" I think many office staff  especially the management at STC is reading it.
The other issue is about the cabin crew hotel change (in the next 3 months or so) in Shanghai.

I hope I have not offend anyone with the above. If I had been wrong, 

I hope someone will correct me. Otherwise, it will business as usual. 


Blame the crew said...

Its always crews' fault
Never managements' fault

The crew are easy scapegoats for

-High costs
-Low productivity
-Bad publicity
-Bad behaviour
-Poor teamwork
-Poor discipline

Always crews' fault.

Anonymous said...

Always crews fault???
Is management hiring the wrong people as cabin crew.
Is management blinded by the fact they are ill treating the crew.
Has the new generation become bolder in backstabing their seniors.
Has SQ become a has been and being overshadowed by M.E airlines or any other airlines for that matter.
Has the management so self centered in their mind set that they are willing disregard on how they treat the crew, where the crew themselves dont give two sh!ts on their job.
SQ has fallen form grace and no matter what as long as the higher up still have this self centered mantality they will one day become a forgoten airline, and that day is coming soon.