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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mid-air disaster averted due to skilful and well trained pilots

Last Saturday, a SIA Airbus 330-300 twin engine jet had two of its engines deprived off power during mid-air on its way to Shanghai from Singapore. The jet plunged 13,000 ft from its cruising height of 39,000 ft during a huge storm. The pilots skilfully restarted the 2 engines almost immediately. The plane landed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport safely.
Do you think the flight would have survived without these cool and efficient pilots?
Kudos to SIA flight training department!

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Singapore Captain said...

The plane is an airbus A330 which is one of the quietest plane in the sky. Pax would not even recognize the engines have shut down. Apparently one engine reignite shortly but the plane still need to descend due to single engine ops procedure and reignite the engine at lower altitude due to higher oxygen.

Anyway it's me I am back!

Boh Tong said...

Good morning and welcome back Singapore Captain.
Where have you gone all these whiles Kapitan?
Thanks for sharing your expertise :-)

Anonymous said...

SIA has been living on borrowed time for so many good years.

Singapore Captain said...

You actually reminded my of my existence when you post a series of argument between your readers and me that happened years ago!

Singapore Captain said...

Note from Airbus indicate that this is related to a severe icing event causing the engines to fail.

Anonymous said...

Who is this captain? Sq oo6? Can someone tell us the brand of the engines on ths aircrat please.

Engineer said...

Dono who was the capt but engines are Rolls Royce.

Anonymous said...

Safety record of RR engines leaves much to be desired. Compare this with Pratt and Whitney which makes only aircraft engines. Not sure it it was a wise move to change.