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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Pax complained "no water" and no apology


Anonymous said...

No water plane fly faster mah so reach destination early :)

Anonymous said...

Want what compensation ah? Box of chocolate and flowers and refund of air fares is it? Bloodly cheapskates!

Crewbie said...

Engines intact
Pilots alive

Its a go!

Aircraft on ground ( AOG) means $$$$$


Missed connections
Missed business meetings
Missed funerals
Missed 1st born babies
Missed anniversaries
Missed court cases

Getting complaints and losing business from 1 or 20 pax who cowpeh/cowboo... is very cheap

the remaining pax will be eternally grateful.

This is standard operating procedures.
Years ago, on LON flight, also no water. Melted ice cubes just to make tea for bfast service.

Till today, there is no standard response from the high & mighty cabin crew managers, SVPs on how to deal with such scenario.

Crew have been used as shield.
If crew response to pax during such event is

" sorry, we have no alternatives.."

And a complaint is received by customer affairs, crew managers, CCE will target crew for "inappropriate" response and all attention and focus will now be directed at "crew behaviour"

Crew now gets demerit points

The technical fault is no longer the focus
The Captain's nil annoucement is no longer the focus
The ground enginner's inability to rectify fault is not longer the focus
The station manager is no longer the focus.

You see? crew are extremely useful to SQ management.

Based on such tactics, crew deserves higher salary:

Basic salary: $1,450
To be blamed allowance: $2,500