Friday, May 29, 2015

Skilful and brave pilots sought after by airplane manufacturers

The 2 pilots who miraculously turned on the engine power to avert a midair disaster a few days ago have been sought after by the USA and European aircraft manufacturers to be their test pilots.

When Captain "Switched Off" was interviewed by the reporters after the plane had landed safely at Pudong Airport this was what he said " Both of the plane engines stalled at 40,000 feet in the middle of a rough storm but we managed to use our wits and skills to start the engines in a matter of a minute or's no big deal really although from a layman point of view it was a disaster in the making".

Reporter: I was told the aircraft dived 13,000 feet and how did the passengers react?

Captain S. Off :  To be honest, the passengers did not feel their lives were in danger as we did not
plunged but instead glided the plane slowly and smoothly all the way down 13,000 feet. Since without the noise of the engines, the passengers were actually enjoying the glide.

Reporter: So no one panic including you and your first officer?

Captain S Off : Yes, that's right because we knew it wasn't a big issue as we could easily restart the engines without much difficulty. As a matter of fact, when the engine power was cut off, we save lots of fuel for the airline.

The pilots are now being interviewed by the plane makers in America and Europe for their new roles as test pilots. It will be a good thing for the pilots to leave their employer as it's currently overstaffed with pilots.

The test pilots estimated salary is SGD 80,000 per month plus lots of fringe benefits.

We wish the 2 pilots a successful career with their new found employers.

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Anonymous said...

Test pilots have to take more technical risks then those on commercial flights. Something to consider.