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Monday, May 25, 2015

SQ cabin crew management a real dog lover

A leading stewardess cried all the way to the hotel in the bus. She asked her crew in charge whether she could fly back as passenger asap. Reason was she wanted to be near her dog which is dying. Station manager asked SQ control for decision as station manager has never encountered this sort of situation before. Guess what? SQ control in an unprecedented move gave permission for leading stewardess to travel as passenger back to Singapore (free of charge) plus granted her 2 days of annual leave.
The the next day flight had a full load of passengers and the crew in charge was in a dilemma as he now was short of 1 operating crew. The incident happened last Friday.

Me, like the Lss and SIA cabin crew management are dog lovers too. We are family haha!


Anonymous said...

i am curious is she a non ranking FSS?

Anonymous said...

Frog loves Dogs ?

Anonymous said...

well this coy is very funny one..
if grandma die on a HKG turn, they will ask u 1001 document proof and SBCU you HKG turn again...if dog die on a are welcome, we can always SBCU another crew..take care your dog more impt , down by 1 crew also ok LOL

Anonymous said...

Therefore, we can infer that management takes a better view of animals, such as dogs.

We can also infer that CCEs who served for very long time ( frog ) is also an animal.

That is also why management view crew as dogs and require obedience training.
Crew are dogs... not fierce breeds but labradors.

Anonymous said...

Nope. She's green.

Anonymous said...