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Saturday, May 2, 2015

NSFs apologise to ex-SIA stewardess Hilary: ‘We’re sorry you had a hard life in SQ’

Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) from all vocations in the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Police Force and the Singapore Civil Defence Force have gone down on their knees to apologise to Hilary, an ex-Singapore Airlines stewardess.
This after the Singapore Girl wrote a lengthy exposé chronicling the suffering she went through working as an air stewardess for Singapore Airlines.
One NSF, Mai Kao Peh, who is serving in SAF, said: “I am so sorry your experience working as an air stewardess is worse than going for National Service. It must have been tough flying from one country to another compared to staying in camp for the whole work week and doing push-ups and running.”
Another fellow NSF, See Baey Char, who is serving in SCDF, said: “Her life in SQ sounds terrible. She voluntarily signed up for a job that requires her to fly all over the world and get paid a minimum of S$3,500 and a max of S$5,000 a month. That’s just derisory.”
“Unlike me, the country volunteers my services on my behalf, under the threat of getting charged. And my NSF allowance is a princely sum of S$480 a month.”
“I have it so good.”
Another NSF, Gong Jiao Wei, who is starting his NS stint, said: “Oh no, she’s so poor thing. She must fly to places like Paris because it is part of her job to spend a few days there and then fly back to Singapore.”
“On the other hand, I get to stay at the best place on Earth: Pulau Tekong. And where I eat the best food on the planet: Cookhouse food.”
“Some more she is so pitiful she only gets to stay in four-star hotels. This is unlike us. We get to go outfield to enjoy the elements bestowed on us by nature and our sergeants and officers.”
“And every time she is wrong, she must say sorry and move on. It must have been hard for her. For us, we do anything wrong we only risk getting charged and get away easy with doing push-ups and maybe have turn-out session and then stand-by-bed and stand-by-universe until 2am.”
“Some more we get to go back every year to camp after our two-year NS stint to enjoy reservist training. So shiok our lives compared to hers, which is free-and-easy and civilian.”
“NSFs really have it easy compared to SQ Girls.”



Anonymous said...

Her point of view about westerners and how they treated her and other flight crew really stood out. It actually said more about Singapore than anything else. Sometimes, Singaporeans cannot handle the view that they may be lacking in courtesy.

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, I find the NSF apologies uncalled for. They have obviously forgotten about comparing oranges with oranges and apples with apples. To cut a long story short, the basic salary of SQ crew is pittance, but but its overall package is good although there are differences with other alrlines that are better in terms of travel benefits that are transferrable as in the case of QANTAS.

Parents are known to be afraid to discipline their children and tend to pass the buck to school teachers and other institutions. Criminals are not made in the streets. They are all made at home.

Anonymous said...

I live in a unit that has a lift right in front of my unit and a Singaporean family on my right. Now and then, whenever my neighbour is there to take the lift, I greet him "Good Morning ". Since then, whenever he sees me at the lift, he'll make a right turn and take the stairs. I believed he's a typical Singaporean afraid even of friendly confrontations and small talks. Whereas my other Caucasian neighbours and my family always exchange greetings. Hilarys's opinion on Singaporeans is truly rather typical and seem as socially handicapped. In general, We Singaporeans need to improve on our basic social manners which is rather lacking.