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Monday, May 18, 2015

Tomorrow's talks proceeds to be donated to my former school needy boys

Tomorrow, I will be conducting talks for cabin crew wannabes for about three hours on how to pass the SIA cabin crew interview on 30 May in Singapore.
I've also decided to donate all the money from the talks to needy boys in my former school. My schoolmates and I will be having our Golden Jubilee Class Reunion Dinner in June and we will try and raise at least $50,000 for the cause. The number of people attending is around 105, including 5 of our former teachers.

This will not be the first time our schoolmates are meeting each other. Some of us meet each other regularly at our monthly lunch sessions. For others who are still working or occupied we would meet at our Chinese New Year Dinner held each year at one of our classmate's house or at a restaurant.


Anonymous said...

Ex RI boy

Anonymous said...

Who did those needy boys vote for?