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Thursday, June 25, 2015

A 24 hour delay but the passengers were ....

Forty one years ago, a flight that I was working on was delayed for 24 hours at Bahrain International Airport. The Boeing 747 was having engine issues during mid air and had to return to Bahrain. There was no spare parts and the flight was delayed. It was a creeping delay. Just like the SCOOT flight that was delayed for 21 hours ex SIN. The difference between the 2 flights was that the passengers on the delayed SQ flight was calm and civil and not like the SCOOT passengers.

There was only a few hotels in Bahrain at that time. All hotels were fully booked. Only the technical crew were accommodated in the hotels during the delay. Passengers and cabin crew spent the 24 hours in the aircraft. There was a lot of discomfort for the passengers and cabin crew although the cool spring weather helped a little.
The ground staff was helpful and crew had to serve the passengers meals,drinks and clean the toilets.
As far as I can remember not a single passenger shouted or abused the ground staff and the crew.

The most touching gesture on the part of the passengers was that they collected almost 1,000 British Pounds and tipped the crew. Of course, although we were persuaded to accept the money, it was donated to a charity in SIN (crew were not allowed to accept tips).

After 24 hours on ground and the engine was replaced, another set of crew took over and flew the passengers to London.

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