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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ex steward now a UberX driver

Simon (not his real name) was a former steward. I met him at a cafe recently and we recognised each other. We have not seen each other for more than 12 years. He told me he has quit flying for some years now. Simon announced proudly that he is now a UberX driver.
We ordered our food and drinks and started to chat. As usual, I let the other party talk more. Simon loved to talk about himself. I suspected he must been asked to leave his former job (don't know the reason/s). After all he was getting a good salary with the airline as compared to driving UberX (before this he was a ordinary cab driver) so why should he voluntarily leave his stewarding job.

After our meals, Simon showed me "his car", a Japanese Toyota which was rented from Uber for S$60 a day. He would used it as a form of transportation to ferry passengers as well as for his family private use like sending his kids to school and sending his wife to the market.

Simon told me about the Uber scheme which seemed quite complicating. He is making about $4,000 a month on the average,he confided in me. Anyway, I was not interested in becoming a Uber driver and so I didn't ask him many questions.


Anonymous said...

What else could a cabin crew do without commercial experiences?
Either be a security guard or a taxi driver or a housing agent
or just shake legs like M Tam, L Yeo,D Koh, CC Koh and many other rich ones

Xcrew said...

This is why, as a crew, one must:

save as much as possible
invest as much as possible ( stocks, property )

With zero marketable skills, an ex crew must be able
to survive on passive income. This source of income should
be built up whilst flying, taking advantage of foreign currencies
and knowledge of foreign property markets.

Learn to ask questions... good questions and:

It has been done before & there is ample evidence that it is possible.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he likes the flexible working hrs of being a driver can spend more time with his family. Lol no good to shake too much legs

Anonymous said...

Good observation. Lots of people here are on passive income and modestly dressed and are of few words.

Boh Tong said...

I forgot to add that Simon told me there are retired
cc who switched from driving cabs to Uber.

Anonymous said...

Those who have saved and thrifty are living a life of peace and contentment. Have come into contact with some who are rediscovering or reinventing themselves. It takes between four to five years to readjust to life on ground. Your partner can play a healing role to help you get back on the right path. Endless headaches, disorientation and getting your bearing right calls for a partner who is able to inspire you. If your partner only knows how to perspire you, then it's time to get out of your four grey walls and pursue something that you like.

Anonymous said...

Ha! ha!
So true.. 5 maybe 6 years to erase the flying mind.
Empty out the cabin bag.. toiletries etc
Pack it up into cold storage.

Keep 1 set of uniform if you like..
..( I still have mine! but cant get into it anymore ha! ha! )

And all those cold weather clothes... can store away till
you go on vacation.

Anonymous said...

You think the rich one like M Tham,L Yeo,D Koh,CCKoh,SCNg and many others,shaking their legs?5 days a week,they go "MARKETING" for a couple of hours,to make more $$$$$$ your heart

Anonymous said...

Ask your friend Simon dont talk cock or paint only the rosy side la. Most of the time, Uber drivers drive around waiting for their apps to ping them for a pickup. They cannot take street pickups. The gross income per day is barely enough to break even.
Most of the time, screw have this bad habit of ego and save face. How many times have we hear crew boasting how well their partner is doing or what elite school their kids are in or how well their stocks are doing daily, how well their side income as propett agent is raking them etc?
Ask Simon prove to us via the black and white payout from uber every Thursday that he is doing v well lor

Anonymous said...

If driving uber is so attractive, bloody good for nothing screw will be quitting in hordes and become uber drivers lo. Just like how they thought doing property is easy and lucrative and start monkey hear monkey do lu