Friday, June 12, 2015

SIA, for the sake of cabin crew, one more favour please?

Singapore Airlines has the reputation of being one of the most tolerant,accommodating and patient airlines in the world.
Just a few days ago, a passenger complained in the media that her daughter was forced to pay a cancellation fee for cancelling her flight to Korea due to the MERS outbreak.
Inspite of the Singapore Government not issuing travel warning to Korea, SIA relented and made it a policy to waive all cancellation/admin fee for travel to Korea during this time.

Just last month a leading stewardess was given a free ticket to fly back to Singapore on hearing her pet dog is gravely ill.

Some years ago, a steward was apprehended for trying to bring in a bottle of aircraft booze at Changi  Airport. He was charged for unauthorised removal of company's property and almost sacked until his passenger friend (a PPS) came to his rescue. The passenger claimed that the victim carried the booze on his behalf and if his steward friend was sacked, he would stop flying with SIA.
After much consideration, SIA decided to exonerate the steward as the airline did not want to lose the PPS passenger.

My former SVP and a Manager made a trip to a pax's office to apologise  and compensation him with an expensive lunch because he complained the cabin crew did not upgrade him to business class.

During my time, whenever a pax complained about the service (whether the pax was right or not), SIA would apologise and send chocolates to the pax. It became a joke among Singaporean paxs and many would tell their pax friends to complain so as to get that box of chocolates.

My request for one more favour from SIA is that they should seriously consider the grouses of the unhappy cabin here to view the comments from the crew.
One complained  she had to walk all the way from SYD,MEL,BNE reset every single Y class tray... accept all the rubbish circulars, intrsuctions changes, beg for leave, beg for flights, beg for higher appraisal scores,
accept hotel location far from civilisation..."

Another has this to say Their time" is roster after roster, winter & summer schedules.
Before long, they would have clocked 8 years... and upon reflection,
their life has just whizzed them by. Their class mates from uni would have been
promoted to junior managers or managers, would have acquired office & admin skills
analysis, public speaking, cost benefit studies, marketing, networking.. just a few.

What would a seniorFSS or LS, 8 years flying acquire in that time?

In all fairness, SIA should ensure the crew are rostered for more short haul flights so they do not have to "walk all the way from SYD,MEL,BNE......"  but instead walk from SIN to KUL or JKT and back!
SIA should not install "call buttons" on all it planes so the crew do not have to burden themselves with answering call bells. Besides, to appease the crew SIA should not issue "rubbish" circulars to its crew. SIA should also allow its crew to go on "sabbatical leave" just to feel for themselves what's life outside of SIA. If they discover that working lives outside of SIA isn't up to their expectation they may return to flying. Another request is that crew should be put in 6-star hotels in the city.

There are much more SIA could do for its poor whining cabin crew!

(SIA share price has plunged to $10.52 on hearing my suggestion to address the unhappy cabin crew concerns)


Anonymous said...

Boot the whole lot and employ new crew or foreigners who will be more appreciative

SIA Passenger said...

Who these whining dogs are? Let them go SIA if they are
not happy to work otherwise we will be facing the unhappy
faces on our flights.

Anonymous said...

Huh? The pax ask the steward help him steal the booze ??

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

today went lim kopi with some sifus...
they say the problem with our coy employees is ...
the people dont feel belonged to the coy...
If our coy can solve this , they believe the coy will SOAR again.

BLUEY said...


THe DI case was dropped because they are nt able to proove that he stole the duty-free goods. I mean, a Pax claimed he is the one who took it.. What can Inquiry do.

I also heard that it was because the SOC was not strong enuf/ incorrect and union fought against the loophole.

Based on these above, they cant do anything liao. Not bcuz scared to offend PPS member k.

I think HR needs to be more firm and cover themselve wen handling DI lah... BT also needs to hear the other side~~ Heeehee

Anonymous said...

Hey Bluey why are you kapoh? The steward has been dead already 2 years ago from stomach cancer due to excessive drinking. Anyway he was guilty so he asked his pps friend to help him. Most of us senior crew knew this story. Question: why would a pps pax asked a steward to carry his duty free alcohol? Maybe you are the steward's kaki right?

Anonymous said...

Why cant a pax ask a crew to carry? Maybe he already exceeded his entitlement and being the typical cheapo, he dont wanna pay tax. Plus he thought customs seldom check crew.

Anonymous said...

Excuse,excuse & more excuses. The steward is a cheapskate although rich. Stocked up his house with coy Dom,Cognac and freebies. But he's already dead! Name: Joe T

Anonymous said...

The life of an alcoholic is miserable, aimless and crucifying. Saw Joe T soon after his operation. He had shrunk half his frame and certainly not someone that would be worth to to be envied.