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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Life after cabin crew

I have dozens of such compliments in my personal file. When i apply for jobs like bartender or housekeeping, the employers cant even bother to take a look. Where did a person who is GQ, wine someliar, acta 1 to 10, culinary and announcement grade 1 and tons of such compliments end up? Taxi driver

You are so right. Before anyone decides to sign up for a course for the purpose of upgrading, think again. We had lots of our fellow staff who even obtained a degree only to be turned away at job interviews. Don't think they were even able to claim their course fees. The reason?......Grey hair is an eye sore. Some who were employed are only drawing as little as $6.00 per hour and had to wear a tie. The foreign workers are the ones who are really gaining from the Singapore style of mgt.

Those so called certifications and toilet papers given by SQ are only worth maybe 1 point in SQ context but totally not recognised outside. No need to waste off days and attend such courses thinking it will upgrade you or come in useful? 1 day elementary korean course or 1 day course on making salads at SATs can get you some job huh? Off days get some rest and spend time with family and friends or jus lying on my bed staring at ceiling is better. As for compliments, it serves as a personal thing for a job well done but nobody gives a shit to it when apply for jobs

The above comments were from 3 different ex cabin crew. I tend to agree with them to a large extent that the work experiences of a cc are not recognised outside of the airline.
Perhaps the job of a cc is categorised as unskilled and that's why it's difficult to find a good job once a cc leaves his/her stewarding job.
Most who left or retired are either (if they want a second career) employed as security guards, taxi drivers, limo chauffeurs or housing agents or some other menial jobs.
Even I was not spared. As an ex cabin crew executive, I was turned down as a security guard as I was considered too old at age 59 (10 years ago). A convenient store refused to hire me as an assistant night store supervisor as they deemed me old and unqualified. The 2 jobs that I applied 10 years ago came with a meagre salary of $1,800 (max).

I have a suggestion for those who want to pursue a second career. Leave the airline while you are still young,say before turning 35. If you leave at an older age,chances are, you will not be employed except for those jobs I have mentioned above.

Another suggestion is that you stay on as a cabin crew and excel in your job so you could be promoted to a higher rank like IFS or CCE and retires gracefully with enough savings to see you through your twilight years and not needing a second career.

Alternatively, leave the airlines and venture into some businesses which you are passionate about. 

Anything else I have left out??


Anonymous said...

Maybe can tell those old foggies IFS to stop brain washing us that cabin screw are professionals and highly sought after outside? Fact is nobody gives a shit to ex screw

Anonymous said...

Cc give up off days. Go for course. Company take cc course attendence claim for wda allowance. Cc are con. The off days they give up to attend course and company made money out of them. No need to roster cc. All chiong for the useless point. Tell mgtment to roster crew for acta and c what reasons they give u. Ask admin staff. Do they take leave to attend course???

Anonymous said...

In CC, u dont play the game,u are out of the race.Try going for interview with no ECA,you get strike off the list..Sometimes I wonder how the mgmt treats CC..Now dont allow crew to do too long a flight,say must comply with regulations ..Must have minimum rest,fatigue management, on the otherr hand,want you to do courses on your off day..That means going for courses not working lah..Some.joker still say its self directed,then why never turn up must provide MC if not under company time?Think the union must look into this kind of issue n address it according..Its just doing things to their advantage.
Anyway, smart crew will plan for their exit and not wait till they reach their max contract and at the mercy of the company to renew them. Got a friend who flew for 11 years,did her law degree in SQ and now doing very well in a law firm.Another one flew about the same time,did all the courses she could in SQ and was a rank trainer..End up,left the airline and couldn't survive as most company dont give a hoot about her internal cert and compliments.Best of all,both had the same testimonial from CC department which is really mediocre.
As for admin staff,of course they dont take leave to attend courses. They prob be laughing at how desperate CC are trying to clinch a place in the courses when roster is out.I even saw crew standing by her laptop before 9am so she can secure a slot..
I guess many CC still thinks thatbthey will see the better days .Look at the working environment. Aircraft are retrofitted to suit the passenger comfort. Crew has to make do with small work space,funny galley layout and face the music from pax.BT, you should travel on 72J n 773WT to see for yourself how good the focus group are in putting up a "wonderful" work environment for CC.
Enough said, I am pretty sure alot of the juniors has seen how pathetic their seniors are in the airline.Many fear losing their job at their prime and is afraid to offend passengers even when they are being unreasonable..Some of the smarter seniors had some other income one way or another and is just waiting for their early retirement. I know of a few who just do regional flights and take things easy..

Anonymous said...

Hey BT, your friend Seow Err has sold his HDB flat & is migrating to MEL.

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

Totally agree with all the above mentioned. In addition dont take the gratuity too seriously, some says stay just for the gratuity then leave, please my comrades, work , enjoy , save hard and then plan for yourself, go to join ECA if you really like it, not for the points, invest time and money on yourself, not on a dead end route...

Anonymous said...

To Anon #3 28/6/15

Spot on man!
But people should not "race".
I really dont know why they want to race.

And BT says: work hard and excell

How hard is "hard" ?
When does it become excellent?

faster in serving?
tea brewed exactly for 2mins?

The measurement is finite.
Just like the cut-off performance ratings for promotions.. it gets ridiculous
0.035 beats everyone else? geee whiz.

The system is faulty
The career progression is doubtful
The work culture breeds distrust.

Those who leave happy are living in denial
Many more leave & realise that SQ is not what it is.

after 7 years, you begin to open your eyes and wonder in disbelief.
what a load of shit!

Anonymous said...

Luckily realised this already after 2 yrs.

Anonymous said...

The lucky and smart ones never even join crew in first place! Some people still so hardup and even pay to attend courses to get in this shithole. Lol

Anonymous said...

Seow Err can even go Tim-bak-tu for all we care ! Does it matter ?

Boh Tong said...

Haha Seow Er is not a bad person la..y u all dun like him huh?

Anonymous said...

I think seow err is a typical " See Up No See Down " type of person.

Anonymous said...

Very stuck up person
Likes to give the impression that he is highly
informed, very learned and that you are a mushroom.

This happened only after he became active in union
Prior to that he was fun to be with, more humorous.
Union work made him silent, and mournful.

Better he goes... no added value

Anonymous said...

Hi BT,

The inability to get a job after 40 is not only a phenomenon associated with CC. I have a friend,a IT manager who possesses a degree in Computer Science, who was axed in 2006 due to his company restructuring.
Until then,he was living it up with his secretary wife viz driving a Lexus,employing a Filipino helper,Laguna Country Club golf membership,annual vacation with family to exotic places and duty travel in business class and a PPS pax with our Airline.
After his retrenchment,my friend could not get a job in a related field as he was then 45 years old and despite asking for only half of what he was originally earning
nobody wanted to employ him.
His former colleagues who were in their 40s and were also axed,did not fare as well.
They ended up becoming cab drivers,property agents or simply unemployed.
Today,my friend is still unemployed.
He is fortunate as his wife could sustain him and his family as she became a secretarial manager.
Obviously,he had to give up his Country Club membership and his Lexus.
So you see,in today's context,when you are above 40 your chances of snagging a well paying job is kind of slim, degree holder notwithstanding.
The employment landscape in Singapore has changed with the influx of FT so my advice to senior CC is to,"make hay while the sun shines"and treasure your job while you still have it.
It is a tough world out there after 40.
Peace to all.