Monday, June 1, 2015

New Malaysian Airline, fitter and leaner

Malaysian Airlines under new CEO Christoph Mueller who restructured Aer Lingus and revamped Lufthansa is set to retain two thirds of its 20,000 staff and adopt a new name soon.
MAS has been financially in trouble for many years and the loss of its 2 aircrafts last year prompted the Malaysian Government to close it down.
According to some analysts the new airline will stand a better chance to survive if there are no government interferences. The new CEO, if given a "free hand" should be able to do well.

In 1972 Oct, MSA, a joint Singapore-Malaysia airline was split into 2 and that was when SIA and MAS were born. SIA is doing very well but not MAS.

We wish Christoph Mueller and the new airline best of luck!

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