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Monday, June 22, 2015

SIA ordered to pay for downgrading ticket class

An Indian consumer protection council has ordered the airline to compensate the customer for causing him “mental agony and hardship” by downgrading him from business to economy class without prior notification.

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What the fish! Suka suka can sue one and then can win somemore. Terms & conditions do not apply anymore izzit? Wah lau got the cheek to ask for $104,000 as compensation somemore.... KNN !! like that my SQ shares become penny stock in no time.


KKNBCCB said...


Finally can let the whole world know how airlines
Usually, the airline will try their very best to
keep things quiet:

" Ay, brudder, lets slow talk can?
I buy kopi, we lim, lim and talk cock ok? "

But kek leng siangh steady liow..:

" Dont brudder me!..
You think I so easy to please?
I am THE KEK LENG you know?????
Wat the F... I am not your sheep cabin screw ok!.."

SQ kenna... damn shioooook!

Anonymous said...

For those who yearn to return to fly...
watch this clip from Youtube:

Feel sian just looking at the stack of newspapers?.. no change since 1990s
Feel sian just looking at LS serving Dom & trying to make conversation?
Feel sian just looking at how LSS stand & take meal orders?
Feel sian just looking at CS closing door and make annoucements..
Feel sian having to lay cutlery etc ... repeat 12 x..

Whenever the yearn to return as crew... just watch and you will be happy you are not the one having to work your butt off.