Sunday, June 7, 2015

SIA staff should count their blessings

Image credit to Singapore Airlines

Despite the challenges and fierce competitions from the budget as well as the Middle Eastern airlines, SIA has done exceptionally well. Profit for the year ending March 2015 is S$367.9 million up 2.34% from the same period last year. The profit may appear relatively small but nevertheless it's still a profit. SIA balance sheet is healthy with a net cash holding of $5.25 billion which is a huge sum by any standard.
SIA will be paying its staff at least 1.6 month bonus July this year as well as a SG50 ex gratia payment of $150 per staff. Another bonus will be paid in January 2016. In addition, SIA pays its staff a so called "thirteen" month salary at the end of each year.

SIA staff should be grateful it has a world class management which is prudent and wise. No wonder Singapore Airlines is ahead of world giants like Microsoft, 3M, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Toyota Motor etc as one of the world's most admired companies (19th position to be precise for 2015).

Just look at our northern neighbour which had to shut down its national carrier after decades of losses. In the process of  restructuring the airline it has to cut 6,000 jobs.
Qantas is in somewhat a similar situation. It shocked the aviation world when it announced a A$2.8 billion loss last year. It is cutting 5,000 jobs to remain afloat.

SIA is not only not retrenching its staff but recruiting aggressively. Just look at the cabin crew side whereby SIA is recruiting every two months ( last one was 31 May and next is 4 July).

We should thank SIA management as well as all the staff who has co-operated and work hard to weather the storm.

Gambatte SIA!


Anonymous said...

Recruiting only becos many are leaving... due to poor work processes and management style.

Anonymous said...

What the above said is right. Management is recuriting because the turn over is high. People are leaving like theres a flash flood. At the same time SQ is recruiting because they feel they can cover the number of people who left.
Its a vicious cycle of exits and enters into SQ.

Anonymous said...

Boh Chye See (ungrateful)

Anonymous said...


when you try very hard not to report sick, be contactable during standby
accept all the rubbish flight during standby,walk all the way from SYD,MEL,BNE
reset every single Y class tray... accept all the rubbish circulars, intrsuctions
changes, beg for leave, beg for flights, beg for higher appraisal scores,
accept hotel location far from civilisation...
I cant work elsewhere, there is no time to do self improvement to enhance my career
There is no certainty for my future...

and I am ungrateful?

ok, ok, I am suppose to eat humble pie and be grateful
thousands & thousands of people are lining up trying to become employees of SQ
That means I have to take any shit, any amount, anything right?
Then I should have voted for the previous union... they would be perfect.

Disgusted with SIA crew said...

Why complain and whine like a pig? Just quit as there are thousands queuing for your job. Don't believe then go to Suntec on 4 July and witness for yourself. Reason you are staying is you do not have substance or Chinese say "bo liao".

Anonymous said...

Actually ever since they moved to suntec tge number of people coming in isnt that great. Plus if you compare the crowd in suntex and previously in sharaton. The interview held at the hotel it had more people.
Right now the crowd in suntect isnt that great and compare to the crowd for qatar and emirates when they come here.
Something about SQ its rifts are even showing during the interviews days.

Anonymous said...

You know why the crowds are not that great? This is not a great job to begin with.

Anonymous said...

No sense in comparing us with the northern neighbour. One year into MH370, they are still struggling to find the aircraft ignition key that was supposed to intercept the hostile aircraft. Relax, deny, minum kopi, tidor satu jam lagi are the traits of those spoilt Bumis. SQ needs to change its mgt style. They have been ringing the NO. 1 slogan for too long. Look at Emirates and Delta. They have overtaken and borrowed our ideas. Book the Cook, our idea, has become the norm. Those bunch of aircon freaks, idiots with archaic ideas stting behind their desk ought to be the first to be gotton rid of.

Anonymous said...

In otherwords, being selected to be employee of SQ means
I have to be eternally grateful, kiss the ground
, kiss asrseholes, ... no questions, no complaints,
I must be in heaven.

Then no need for union, just accept any f shit?

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time working for SQ felt like being among the greats, now a days it has lost its touch. With the Gulf carriers gaining strength and momentum, SQ is losing its ground, its only a matter of time before it gets its wings trimmed. Its sad to see what was once a great airline to work with now it is slowly becoming a shadow.

Anonymous said...

When JYP was re-elected for another term as Chairman of Tiger Air, one shareholder at the AGM asked, you are already old, so why not just step aside. He replied, that one more term means another term of hard labour. Example must always start from the top. TPT recently came over the video to announce the launch of champagne in EY. Sounded like a smooth talker for which he is known. SIA had been serving champagne in EY since Oct 1972, CBJ. It was replaced by sparkling wine sfter some years. This is one example of MGT's attitude towards its paxs. It tends to think that paxs are stupid and ignorant. Same with Taittinger champagne on SIN/KUL/SIN PCL. When consumption was high and in demand, MGT withdrew the champagne. Backward and cave-like attitude. That botak MD had a typical accountant's mentality...add, subtract and divide.

Anonymous said...

The upgraded YCL seat beamed by SIA is not new. Way back in the eighties or nineties, EVA already had EY Deluxe air fares.

Anonymous said...

When did SIA claim to be new in the world? Its new on their on SIA context! Same as cabin screw who claim to be professionals. Which body ever recognise SIA cc to be professional? Its call playing with words

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

In my humble opinion, we do not owe the airlines anything because the money we earned is our hard earned money.
We don't sit around shaking legs and ask for money to drop to us. We sacrifice our health, life, time with family , injuries to earn this money. Mgt are paid enormous money to keep the coy going, its their job, just like our job is to report to work, bring the ac back safely. Do more in depth googling, go and find out our coy ceo how much pay rise from 2012-2014, you will find it ugly because coy took money back from us how many times during that period. When crew leave the airlines affter 10,20,30years of service, does the coy send someone down to thank you? I have heard of IFS quietly just return crew pass at control and leave quietly after many years of service.
Coming out with all the wayang premium economy and mgt in service flt is waste of each other time. Its like giving high tech weapon to soldiers that got no will to fight. Take a look at the mgt in service roster , one look u know is kelong. All the IFS on those flights are company people. My question is for what? All the crew will be busy tripod the mgt than feedback the reality.
Mr BT mentioned delta, go watch undercover boss featuring Frontier Airlines, the boss went hands on to make the work place better for everybody, not give demerit points or spend time brainstorming how to punish crew.

Anonymous said...

YES. if you cant, the door is always open.

Anonymous said...

SQ mgmt ( just like BT ) is self righteous. They are never wrong
They never make mistakes... we are always being threaten with grand

- many people are queueing to get in
- you can leave anytime you like
- no body forced you to join
- you have poor attitude

Its always crews' fault... forever.

Many will serve out their bond and they leave.
Some will stay of course... but they will regret it.
( of course they will never ever admit that lah... just like BT )

Anonymous said...

That is the mentality of the people.

Quick to be defensive and always blaming others.

As long as you are living in this Little Red Dot nothing gonna change.

How many gracious people you meet that are genuine?

Unless you are the boss and employer.

If you intend to stay in the customer service line this is to be expected.

In any job or place you work there is always the GOOD side and the BAD.

Life is not a bed of roses.

So time to sit down and think carefully.

You must remember you must enjoy whatever you do.

There are so many factors to consider whether be it the JOB or the BUSINESS or the new country you going to MOVE to.

So please remember every job is a respectful JOB.

Bottom line is HAPPINESS.....

Anonymous said...

As part of his new ideas at work, BeySK had offered overseas postings to some senior desk bound Company staff. These employees had spent their lives sitting behind a desk staring at their computer screens and probably had been too comfortable. Many turned down the offer. One day, he dropped the bomb shell. All were told to clear their desk and go. This big hero of CC, SKW thought that he had licked the MGT boot when he got rid of the CCEs. He got a taste of his own bitter pill when he found himself kicked out good and proper.

Anonymous said...

Yes this SKW is the biggest BASTARD. Thought he was doing an excellent job. During the SARS period. KARMA caught up with him. Took the drastic measure to cut the employees. SKW made history in the book of SIA.

Anonymous said...

Previously, people stayed on with SQ because it was an 'atas' company.
It was the biggest name in employer... and people would stay for the long term
to build a career... the management also encouraged career development.

Now it is very different.

There are many other options, and we build careers by learning from one organisation
and then moving on to another and offering better value with our skills.
The job of a crew does not allow such movements and the skill spectrum is limited.

Enjoy the time ( 2 or 3 years ) and leave you must.
There is no career path with cabin crew... grow old and become a IA or CCE at 50 is not a career path. Its struggling in wasted time & effort. The chance is very slim.

There are better opportunities elsewhere.... be brave and venture into different worlds.

Anonymous said...

You said there are better opportunities. Yes, indeed there are. But not for ex crew. Crew joined airline in the first place due to various reasons such as materialism, laziness, cant keep 9 to 5 job, want to enjoy life etc. If they want to take up ground job or chiong, they wont be crew in first place. There are many ex crew who think they can make it outside but sadly most dont and they regret it. Of course there are some who make it but those are a minority and please dont daydream you could be in this minority.

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

I dont believe majority are borned lazy, materialism , or want to enjoy life.
I think the job made many in comfort zone, that is why it is important to keep upgrading yourself (not go back coy and do stupid eca hor).
It all depends what kind of person you want to be and what you want to achieved.
I also heard of MR BT saying he regretted not leaving the airlines earlier in his earlier blog posts.
人各有志, because you dont see it , you assume majority of crew are lazy or cannot chiong.

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

to name a few lol
many more hidden tigers crouching dragons

Anonymous said...

Crew are the ultimate consumer.
They just love to have the latest phone, handbag, shoes
sweater, ties... and being trendy.
These are aspirations that need money to keep up.
They are also exposed to real time events overseas.
Therefore, they have no choice but to stay, hang on tight.
If they "chiong", its to get the iphone or someething like dat.
But time will catch up with each one of them.. they dont view time
the same way as outside people do. Each roster is viewed for best long flight
and the chances of changing it away ...etc.
Their "time" is roster after roster, winter & summer schedules.
Before long, they would have clocked 8 years... and upon reflection,
their life has just whizzed them by. Their class mates from uni would have been
promoted to junior managers or managers, would have acquired office & admin skills
analysis, public speaking, cost benefit studies, marketing, networking.. just a few.

What would a seniorFSS or LS, 8 years flying acquire in that time?

how to COF
how to "siam" MAA flights
how to pretend to work
how to pretend to look interested during safety briefings at control
how to report sick and "keng" a string of off days
how to claim VAT in FRA/CDG
how to get a tatoo without being found out
how to pass SEP
how to report a horny IFS/CS/LS/FS/Capt/FO
how to count wine bottles
how to operate a trash compactor..

Challenging, interesting work no?